A Welcome Tower Of Babbel Among Nigerian Political Thieves!

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Bukola Saraki merely paid Tinubu in the same coins that Tinubu paid Dapo Sarumi who nortured him from absolute political obscurity to limelight only to be blatantly betrayed in the lousiest of manners! Treachery is sine qua non with politics.

Chicken merely coming home to roost!
It may interest you to note that Chief Dapo Sarumi is my maternal second cousin. We call him Uncle Dapo.

Primrose and "Baba Eto" are not strange names to me...as I even had a brief stint with the group... formed and headed by Sarumi.

Sarumi himself betrayed the family and has coveted all family lands and assets in his care.

So it's treachery all over...being avenged by treachery.

The political class is full of sh_t!
I also knew about PDM...as we all then looked forward to the Mega Party...then called "Mega"...envisaged to be a conglomerate of all mushroom political movements...called "structure" in political lexicon. Sarumi and Atiku Abubakar and others were touted to team up with others to form this "Mega"....

My maternal grandmother was nee Sarumi but was married into the Amuni family in Epe, Lagos State. So you can imagine my apprehension when the "no man's land" saga erupted! Father, Ikorodu. Mother, Epe. The land Sarumi is covetting is located in Badore, just before the bridge that crosses the lagoon into Epe.

About 1,800 hectares lying on both sides of the road! So, politicians are a bunch of rogues...and they also steal from their families!

Mostly peopled by the shameless, the unprincipled and the unscrupulous...

So, this is not some fiction!
I don't know why all the APC yapping. You were latecomers. A quorum was formed even in your absence. Even Saraki is still a chieftain of your party. Your looting leader had betrayed someone else himself in the past. So, why all this noise?!

May this political Tower of Babbel continue to cause misunderstanding of monumental proportions among professional treasury looters who are braced up to steal our commonwealth further!

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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