Efforts And Signs Of President Buhari In Twelve Days

By Tunde Goma

This article is aimed at putting certain things in perspective perhaps it will educate a few people on this forum. It is in response to a thread questioning the president’s achievements so far.

Before delving into the real achievements of the president in the last twelve days, let me state categorically to all sensible and patriotic Nigerians that real achievements of a 12-day old government are not measured by serious-minded people but small minds. Throughout the world, the first timeline for measuring any new government’s achievements is usually the first 100 days in office. Nevertheless, let’s accord the naysayers some recognition and see if the government of President Buhari has been sleeping or working.

1. Relocation of Command and Control Center to Maiduguri: In his inaugural speech, the president pronounced that the CCC of the NA will move to the heart of BH insurgency. Two days ago, the directive has been implemented and all the Service Chiefs and the CCC of the NA have moved to Maiduguri.

The COAS was reported to have boasted on NTA that the moving of the CCC marks the beginning of the end of BH insurgency. The strategic implication of this relocation of the Command center is not the focus of this thread but the development is a clear implementation of the president’s policy direction on fighting the insurgency. The weeks and months ahead will surely tell us more about this policy’s success or otherwise.

2. Effort to End the Fuel Crisis: It is no news that President Buhari never believed that fuel subsidy existed or that it should even exist in the first place. Within the new govt's first week in office, we read that the independent petroleum marketers (IPMAN) and the FG have agreed to end the fuel crisis by June 13 (?). Few days after, we also read that IPMAN will import fuel at no subsidy cost to the FG (If you missed the news, read it here http://www.nairaland.com/2366946/marketers-plan-import-fuel-without#34613229 ).

Many of us knew (still know) that IPMAN is not a charity organization to want to do this for free and wondered what could have informed this decision. Before you say Jack Robinson, the news came in that the FG has started dealing with those implicated in fuel subsidy scam and part of the deal reached with some of the marketers is to give Nigeria fuel at no cost in lieu of subsidy collected but could not be unaccounted for. If this is not an achievement, please tell me what is.

3. Boosting Our Image Internationally: It will be an understatement to say that Nigeria’s international image was at a ridiculous level under Jonathan. It was actually non-existing. Nigeria was mocked and laughed at, not only by the Western countries but also by African countries such as Cameroon, Ghana and even Niger Republic.

As a president elect, PMB’s stature immediately restored some respect back to Nigeria with many countries that matter in the world suddenly identifying with our dear nation. Such recognition got to the climax by the invitation from G7 for President Buhari to attend with a “wish list” of what types of assistance his government will require from the most industrialized and richest countries of the world. PMB not only attended but was accorded massive respect by the G7 given the fact that he was the first of all invited non-member countries to address the group. The G7 later voiced their resolve to assist the president in his determination to fight BH and corruption.

Let’s face the fact, for Nigeria to continue to be relevant in the comity of nations around the world, we need to seek assistance and cooperate with the world's most powerful and successful countries. We cannot operate in isolation and risk being alienated.

4. Reduction in Cost of Governance: Even though we have not heard that number of ministries and minister has reduced, we can certainly see that PMB is already showing the needed signs to reduce cost of governance. Firstly, he has indicated there will be 15 Special Advisers with the list sent and approved by the 7th Senate. Under GEJ, there were 24. This will save us cost associated with maintaining nine extra advisers that have been removed.

When GEJ attended the G8 meeting in 2010 in Canada, he had between 170 and 180 people on his entourage including his wife; whereas when PMB went to Germany for the same meeting, he had twenty officials on his entourage. Can any sane person dispute that a huge difference exists between the costs associated with 170 and 20 officials respectively?

5. Effort to Recover Our Stolen Assets: Just yesterday it was reported by SR (known for investigative journalism) that the FG has started to look into the fuel imports by independent marketers. Such efforts have started to yield result as some have volunteered to return some of the stolen monies of the country. Read it here http://saharareporters.com/ and here http://www.nairaland.com/2370827/stolen-assets-recovery-buhari-demands#34638043

It is this same effort that resulted in some marketers agreeing to importing fuel without subsidy while some are already refunding millions of dollar. Again, if this is not already an achievement, please tell me what is?

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