Cristiano Ronaldo's mother detained at Madrid Airport

By The Rainbow

Cristiano Ronaldo's mother took a page from Mario Balotelli's handbook (something nobody should ever do) when she was caught carrying €55,000 at the Barajas Airport in Madrid.

Ronaldo's mother, Dolores Aveiro, was stopped for a routine search, according to Goal , as she was boarding a plane to return to Portugal. It was then discovered that she was carrying five times the legal limit allowed on Spanish planes.

As she had no excuse for carrying so much, the police confiscated €45,000 and let her board without any further incident. When Mario Balotelli was stopped by police a few years back with exuberant amounts of money in his car, the Italian said he was carrying it “ because I am rich .”

So next time you complain that the TSA threw away your slightly too large tube of toothpaste or made you finish your Arizona Iced Tea before you got on your flight to St. Louis, remember Ronaldo's mother lost a luxury car's worth of money in one trip.

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