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I have read many comments on the orders given to the Defense HQ by Mr. President for a successful execution of Boko Haram operation. The one I fancied most was the piece by Olalekan Adigun on the subject of relocation of Military Command Centre to Maiduguri for the purpose of extinguishing Boko Haram. Surprisingly, many have failed to see the dividing line between politics and war in an ugly situation that is claiming thousands of lives. The strategies in politics and war could look same but the difference is too clear to someone like our present Commander- in - Chief (CinC). When a shove goes beyond a push, politics must not be combined with war in a serious matter like Boko Haram. Foolishly and ignorantly enough, many Nigerians may not be aware that Nigeria is indeed in a State of war and not a police action. We do not need to wait until the whole of the North East is over run.

Olalekan’s quote on Carl von Clausewitz said it all; everything in war could look very simply, but the simplest thing in war could turn out to the most difficult.

I am proud to reveal for the umpteenth time that I was one of those who, this CinC, as a GOC led to war against TChad. He led by example. If understood his orders to the Defence Chief, as the CinC, Buhari has ordered the Defence HQ to move its Command and Control Cell ie the Coordinating Cell to Maiduguri. If the Defence Chief whose baby is the Boko Haram Operation decides to sit in Abuja and things continue to go awry, he will be liable to pay for it. So in line with Olalekan’s views, there is nothing wrong with this order. If after carrying out this order and business remains as usual, the CinC may not need to be advised to shop for new relevant Service Chiefs. Let me reiterate that in terms of military operations, this CinC knows his onions.

After every war or even a battle, there must be lessons learnt. Out of the experiences of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler, Muhammadu Buhari has chosen out of personal experience to go the way of Napoleon. Do not be surprised to see him at Maiduguri often to keep the Defence Chief and his commanders on their toes.

McBen Nwaka
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