The Circular Refuges

By Adeola Ikuomola
Overwhelmed by circular refugees
Arrayed in their quickening downs
Sea shores lie roundly downwards
Like the nightmarish bats in courts

Purity was knocked off light stages
With darkness walking on all fours
To enumerate the drunken drums
Again and again like cerebral gains

The boom soared upon mountains
As arranged on the lofty spectacles
Their circulated effigy for refugees
Spilt burnt beans on our foreheads

Enthroned on the blunders of gold
The shores in their lands to behold
Braced the overwhelming currents
Like darkening clouds' fiery storms

Overwhelmed by random rebuttals
Marking the sinking rays' late styles
Twilight was like the tired turntable
Customising costume from wetland

Refuse refused to refute the landfill
Wet weaving wings for the meadow
The shells yell out at the yolky yokes
Like the waves lengthening the crabs


The blazing cargoes in the lazy wagons
Caged the sky with divers superfluities
The dazed olds scampered hysterically
The maddening wigs on a sane mission

The peeling aims of the departing skies
Charm braying garments in dark rooms
Like disgruntled blazing chariots of fires
Kneeling down to orphaned ray powers

The grass-cutters grazing the grasslands
X-ray the colourfully cultured costumes
Like the moons palletised on the waves
To downsize the competitive superstars

The contestants customised our fortune
And harvested our thumbs with sorrows
Inflating their logos on our deflated egos
Like the darkest night uplifting the moon

The grassroots mourn their fleering toes
With ointments refined in broken ballots
Aborting the gerrymandered right wings
In customary cautionary grazing wagons