Igbo Insults

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If people must render comments, should they not first read the articles they respond to with understanding...not throw fits just because the word "Igbo" pops up somewhere in the write-up?

And if we ask the illiterates and pseudo-literates among them to refrain from commenting if the challenge of comprehension is too much for them to cope with, they keep intruding!

There is nothing as frustrating to a "teacher" as a dull student!

Not if respondents would kindly play the role of the brilliant student who would not attempt questions...without first reading those questions fully...and understanding them.

If I knew this bigotry had eaten so deep, perhaps I shouldn't have bothered!

It is bad enough for an individual to be so consumed by his past, hold fast to it and limit his chances to progress. It is disastrous for an ethnic group to give in so easily to such affliction.

Yet they want to rule Nigeria when they scare everybody away from them... and view all honest counsel and all sincere overtures with suspicion!

When I dealt extensively with their "take-over" and "no-man's- land" mindsets, they just threw words about without really saying which of my submissions were untrue!

Yet, they deserve to rule this nation, considering their individual intellectual capacities! If you surround yourself with suspicion, no one would want yo trust you...with power. We say "forget and forgive the past and move on"... but they just get irritated and haul insults!

Another point is that their collective hatred is so intense that they view every overture to them with suspicion.

The likelihood that they would fling any sincere gesture back in the face of the gesturer is high.

For instance, I wrote a damning article against the Lagos monarch for threatening to haul Igbos into the lagoon.

That no single Igboman responded to this article is not as baffling...or as depressing...as the comment below, as I pointed out this selective blindness and selective dumbness!

Hear John Chinagoro again:...
"As for your Oba that threatened to throw the Igbos into the lagoon.... He goofed and you condemned him for it. That no Igbo commented (on your article) was because you did the right thing and nothing more to add. Or were you expecting a national award from the igbos?"

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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