Tope Alabi...Part 2 (Her Reputation)....Courtesy...The Osun Defender

How Newspapers Reported The Matter:

"X-Ray: Is Tope Alabi in Oro Cult? Did ‘Prophet’ Ajanaku initiate her? Tongues are dangerously wagging in social media and the music industry about multiple-award winner and sonorous Yoruba Gospel Singer, evangelist Tope Alabi, after the mysterious death of her former spiritual mentor and former pastor.

Prophet Iretiola Ajanaku’s demise was shockingly celebrated and mourned by the 27 Ogboni Fraternity Members of Gbongan town who stormed his home and practically took over to perform the occultist funeral rites/ritual as is common whenever any of their members die.

In a similar vein, the Oro cult has also come out to identify with the ‘pastor-prophet’ at death, when they mourned all night in a vigil between 12 midnight and 5:30 a.m., marching through the streets of Ikola Odunsi, Ikola Gbenaje, and concluded the rites at the deceased’s street, Folarin Williams Close, chanting and singing dirge of his departure saying: “Ajanaku lo, o di gbere”, meaning “Ajanaku is gone forever, adieu”.

Months before his demise, the prophet had boasted in an interview with Biodun Kupoluyi and other reporters and bloggers, [GISTMANIA,COMEANDHEAR,GISTEXPRESSandOLOKUNBOLA BLOG] that his estranged spiritual daughter (Tope) and her husband would be ashamed if he opened his mouth to tell the world what “God” had done for them through him… hear him:

There are many things concerning her and the husband that I will never tell anyone, never ever. If she had not said that she met me only six years ago, I would not have called you to show all these pictures. And if I say what God has used me to do in their lives, with proofs and medical test records in their hands, they will be ashamed of themselves.

She actually met me 11 years ago when she came to church crying that since she married she had no child. I told her that by the grace of God when we shall be holding another anniversary she sill come and dedicate her child before God. I have pictures of the child dedication, I christened the child Deborah.

I’m wondering if she’s being foolish or just stupid. I remember when she was putting pressure on me to have sex with her. She did not hide her urge to have sexual relationship with me. At a point she could not control her urge to do that but I declined, I said never, not me.

The question on many lips now are: “What was the secret that the prophet vowed NEVER to reveal to anyone about Tope and her husband?” “Why would the couple be ‘ASHAMED of themselves’ because of such revelations?” He had already revealed that God used him to make Tope receive the fruit of the womb and gave birth to her daughter, what then remains as “shameful” secret between this couple and the late prophet? Wagging tongues are gleefully spewing out talks about some abominable covenants, ritual or occult initiation between the couple and the late Ajanaku.

Our reporters picked the tips and rumours and went to town to interview some members of the Christ Revival Church International located in Baruwa, in Ayobo-Ipaja, Lagos, who prefer anonymity before speaking with the press. One ex-member of the church said he perceived his former and late pastor was in a strange covenant with the couple saying “…when daddy threatened to expose the so-called “shameful secrets”, he broke the covenant and broke the hedge according to Ecclesiastes 10:8, and became suddenly vulnerable to the venom of the serpent which oversees the strange covenant… that is why I left the church when the fight broke out few weeks ago.”

The last has not been heard about the drama as Tope Alabi reportedly rushed back from Ontario Canada, upon hearing the news of the prophet’s death, to pay her last respects to her former mentor. She reportedly visited his house in Lagos to commiserate with the family of the late prophet and afterwards got home to post pictures of her family and to thank God for sparing her husband’s life, praying for longevity.

Tope Alabi is one woman who will need a lot of sympathy now, aftermath of the demise of Ajanaku because of the way she waxed eloquent in songs praising “the God of Iretiola Ajanaku” in many of her albums. Pictures of ‘when the going was good’ circulated massively online showing the prophet spraying money on Tope to appreciate her songs and laying hands on her while she knelt down to receive the ‘anointing’ to prosper and for fame from him.

She is greatly misunderstood by her large fan base on Facebook who are divided into two camps. The first group sympathizes with her on her ordeal and “false rumours” going round the media about her and prophet Ajanaku. The second camp is confused and wary, not knowing who or what to believe, particularly because they felt misled in the past by Tope’s undiluted endorsement of prophet Ajanaku’s ministry and miracles as evidenced by her many albums she waxed to eulogize the late prophet."

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