I Don’t Have Stretch Marks Like Others...Cossy Orjiakor

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Nollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakor, might be a controversial lady and might be perceived as a bad influence by many, but the star is in any bit moved by what people say.

Ready to grace the various red carpet events she is able to attend, the actress has become a darling to many and a topic of discuss at any slightest opportunity.

With her raunchy dress style, Cossy does not care at how provocative her physical features can be as she stated that she is so beautiful and blessed with a sexy voice.

Thanking her creator for a fat bank account and personality, the actress noted that she is so endowed that she does not have stretch marks like some people.

Confident and bold, she urged her fans to accept her the way she is because she is very humble.