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Good Son, ReekadoBanks Complete Parents Home

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

It is the duty of every child to grow up and in turn come to take care of their parents till they are all old and that is what exactly singer, Reekadobanks has just done as a good son.

The singer, who is gradually finding his bearing in the highly competitive Nigerian music industry, has been making some underground works in order to help his parents complete their house which was for some time ignored due to lack of money.

Reekado taking his parents by surprise, took his parents to the site to show the level at which the building has gotten to which is almost in its final stage of completion.

Though he was speechless as his parents were so happy, his label partner, Dija, was actually the lovely 'parrot' that spilled the news to his teaming fans.

In her words, “Congratulations to our bro @reekadobanks and @iamthattemi 4 finishing mummy and daddy's home. God can only take u higher and higher. Proud of you. What you are accomplishing in silence only the Almighty can repay you.”

Love many, watch your back, and always paddle your own canon
By: Michael Gyasi Ampofo