Dependent on oil as sole means of our national income must ceased

By Emmanuel Ogba

"Dependent on oil as sole means of our national income is the major problem Nigeria has. We must break away from this monoeconomy to grow rapidly", he maintained.

Reacting to the Amnesty Programme for Niger Delta, the Youth leader advised that the programme should be carried along but should be reformed in the way it is being implemented.

He disagreed with the practice of training the youths only to be paying them allowances at the end of the month without placing them on any engagement.

"The youths could be trained on agriculture and empowered to develop their own farms. By so doing, they would be earning while also working. This engagement would improve on the volumn of food in the country and also help towards diversification of the economy", said he.

He explained further that time has come to make agriculture attractive and massively engage youths across the nation. This will reduce restiveness, unemployment and also increase food for local consumption and export.

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Prince Emmanuel Ogba
National Co-ordinator