Princewill Congratulates His Opponent, An Officer And A Gentleman

Source: Tonye Princewill\'s Media Dept.

My fellow Nigerians,
On behalf of all my supporters, I'd like first to congratulate the new President and Commander in Chief of the armed forces, Muhammadu Buhari on his successful assumption as leader of the largest black nation and the number 1 economy in Africa.

I'd like to thank him for a well worded speech and encourage him to stick to every word. Especially the ones that appeared in the sentence. "I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody." That signifies a collective interest and this can only be good for Nigeria.

Let me also thank him for prioritising security, the Niger Delta, power and unemployment as we feel these are the key issues facing Nigerians today. I encourage you to please refer to this speech regularly so as to remind yourself of the expectations of Nigerians and the promises you made to them not as Presidential candidate or as President elect, but as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Our democracy was subjected to a severe test and it is clear to the whole world that our nation in general passed it. Except for a few unique examples, today was a democracy day worth celebrating, not just nationwide, but across the world. The former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a sincere gentleman, has played an enormous role in that and I am glad my support for him has been justified.

This statement would be incomplete without a word of congratulations to the newly sworn in Executive Governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike. In spite of our differences, you are Governor of Rivers state and so I and my entire team would be doing the state a great disservice, if we did not wish you well. Though we were dissatisfied with the election, we cannot wrestle with the constitution. Rivers people have suffered enough and the state has been stagnated by petty party politics. We need to put this aside and make haste to bring succour to Rivers people. Now the unfortunate days are behind us, I implore you to show Rivers people you have what it takes to make them smile. Provide leadership for all. They are waiting. I am waiting because I know if Rivers people smile, so will I. Likewise if they cry, I will too. You have to do the needful. Time is not your friend.

Politics is about service, service is about duty. A duty to the people. We all have a role to play at God's appointed time. Like I always say, a better future for Nigeria and Rivers State guides all my decisions, and for this I will do everything within my power to help move the Country and the State forward; even if it means setting aside personal gains or ambitions. My prayer is that all of you who have been given the oath of office today, work with sincere, bold and well meaning Nigerians to be the best that we can be. We have no state or country other than this. Let us begin to harness its potential. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is here. That for me is already an opportunity.

Long live Rivers State,
Long live the Niger Delta,
Long live Nigeria
Prince Tonye T.J.T Princewill