One of the greatest benefit of the Jonathan loss is that Nigeria has also lost an opposition in the manner of the APC. Its a great day for our country to be free of an opposition party that elevated opposition to government to the level of opposition to nation.

I will not wish my enemy an opposition like the APC. I even pray that the PDP will not form the kind of opposition that the APC represented. Here was an opposition that opposed virtually everything. I pray their body chemistry is reprogrammed thoroughly so they don’t even oppose themselves when they get into office.

The APC equally elevated Jonathan denigrating to almost Nigeria denigrating. They groomed social media hirelings and mentored thousands of muck rakers. It was the APC that re-defined patriotism to mean how much and how hard you can lash out at the President. Young men and women formed comrades of fellowship and bonded together in muck raking. Anything dished out by a comrade is liked, retweeted and shared, at times without even reading through.

On one hand, they were asking the President to grant amnesty to terrorists, on the other hand they were accusing him of being too soft on the terrorists, then they asked him to pull out the JTF from the north east and then condemned the state of emergency , while exciting themselves with angry lashes each time a bomb tore lives and limbs. I’ve never seen this kind of demon possessed opposition before. You can never do anything right in their sight.

If a train derails from its cause, it serves their purpose, if a plane crashes, it gives them the needed adrenaline,if bombs goes off, it helps, even when Nigeria loses a football match, you’d hear taunts of mockery from their social media hirelings and propitiators.

It must have been a nightmare for President Jonathan. The man is even built with reinforced steel to even be forcing smiles and moving like all its well. It even took him great guts to think of contesting again. They had troubled him weary and worn him out completely. If he says subsidy should go, he is clueless not to know how to keep subsidy and still sell petrol at 40 naira per litre. Even when he renames a University after a great political hero, it becomes an issue of National revolution.

A huge example is the Baga story. When our soldiers retreat in battle and called it tactical manoeuvre, they were scorned and referred to as as Jonathan’s army of cowards. When the army saboteurs are identified and court marshalled, the opposition will openly align with the soldiers and give them some morale. Then when the soldiers struck Baga with equal veracity, pictures of mass destruction and genocide were released to the international community. Videos of fake soldiers beheading civilians were shared, then the United States pushed their Leahy law and we got into serious trouble getting the right equipments for the war.

The day I knew what this party has done on our psyche was the day we were launching the Support Our Troops Against Terrorists (SOTAT) program in Portharcourt. Im privileged to have very close friends and brothers who both belong to the APC and PDP. When I spoke to one of my close friends about the idea of SOTAT, he said ‘Oga, this your SOTAT na Jonathan support oo, but anyhow we go follow you”. I smiled, but I was petrified inside me. So supporting a federal institution like the armed forces was seen as supporting Jonathan. That was the depth at which we have gotten to in opposition.

In the next 48 hours, the APC will lose the impetus and ability to spread gory tales about Nigeria. They will now applaud any international firm that refers to Nigeria as an emerging economy. They will encourage investors to come in and down play the past magnification of Boko Haram. They won’t applaud any quack Ghanaian professor, any US senator, or any South African President who insults our President. They will lose the urge to focus on our challenges rather than our strength. They will no longer magnify our problems and shock people rather than spreading hope and inspiring the citizenry.

As General Buhari takes over in the next few hours, I celebrate the extinction of the essence that characterises the APC. I pray the PDP doesn’t pick up that demonic spirit. I pray the PDP forms a shadow government, appoint shadow minister for each ministry and criticise constructively by proffering alternative solutions where necessary and applauding where it is necessary.

I pray we don’t get our youths to mock economic policies like the Cassava Bread by using it as an object of caricature while several countries revolutionalized their economy by locking up and glamourising the use of home grown products . I pray that we stop politicking now and resume in 2018.I pray that very intelligent Nigerians don’t lock their minds to the knowledge that corruption has become an euphemism for stealing and thieves should be charged like thieves , rather than cosmetizing their crimes by calling it corruption.

I pray that we begin the process of re-orientation immediately. My friend  Jekwu Ozoemene  has often mesmerised me with his theory of Citizen Leadership. The concept of let the citizens lead. The concept of individual responsibility. The concept of knowing your responsibilities as much, or much more than you know your rights. An ideology that breeds the triumph of nationalism and dwindles the triumph of politics. A concept that shows how citizen inputs affects the success of governments policies.

Today I bid good bye to the angry essence that bred the APC. We will never have this type again.

God bless Nigeria.
Written by Ken Agala

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