Ebere Wabara Shames Self

By Madubuko Hart

The reading public knows that all the hewing attempts by one Ebere Wabara to pull the enviable Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State down through his untutored and pointless and ridiculous write-ups did not hold water. His recent garbage tilted, “Abia in ruins as T. A. Orji quits” published in the Daily Sun edition of May 28, 2015, tells much of Wabara’s insensitivity.

The truth is that Wabara is so envious that Governor Orji’s achievements in office outweigh that of his paymaster who is today suffering from political quarmire and political funeral, hence he is bent on doing devilish articles to malign the governor who has done well for Abia people and beyond.

One could not but laugh at the ‘all knowing’ Wabara when he wrote that, “And to compound issues, outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan protected this disastrous governor through pedestrian policies and patronages that misled the public into thinking that this man was doing creditably when in reality and from all indications he was unarguably the worst governor this country has ever had.”

Without mincing words, whether Wabara likes it or not, the state of Abia became a subject of discourse in term of qaulitative development and good governance under Governor Orji. As the Ochendo administration steps out, it is obvious that Abia people will come to realise the magnanimous works that the governor did while in office.

With his ‘Legacy Projects’, Governor Orji layed solid foundation for the next government to step on and move forward. He did not move away from the upright course he swore to: Taking Abia State to the next level.

According to the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Charles Ajunwa, in a treatise on May 29, 2014: “In the last 12 months since Governor Orji made that solemn promise, the wheel of development has increased in speed leading to the completion of landmark infrastructural projects in the state. The relocation of Umuahia Main Market is now a reality after 78 years of prevarications by past governments including the colonial administration.

“In place of the old market, the Umuahia Modern Market at Ubani Ibeku, is now a beehive of business activities. The market with over 7, 000 shops is purpose built with facilities such as motor parks, banks, fire service, adequate water supply, good network of internal roads, among others. Even before the completion of Umuahia Modern Market, the new Industrial Market had taken off at Ahiaeke Ndume in place of the old Timber Market, which was contributing to congest the capital city.”

Somebody like Wabara will never tell truth to the world that these markets, according to the calm Ajunwa, have become reference points in expansion of commerce and job creation. In the last one year Ochendo has added more health facilities to the ones he had already built. Dialysis Centre and Eye centre have been added to the ultra modern Specialist Hospital thereby creating a full medical complex where citizens can receive quality medical service of intentional standard.

So what was Wabara talking about? Governor transformed the secondary and primary schools in the state to meet foreign standard; this is apart from the primary and secondary health care system he has taken as a priority to meet international standard. Hence, Wabara who is economical with the truth is challenged to rebuff these facts if he may feel that they were mere claim.

Wabara will not tell the world that the Primary Health Centres have reached over 700 across the state. He will not also tell the world that there were 100-bed hospitals located in the three senatorial districts of the state, in this administration. These hospitals have been completed and fully equipped. Will Wabara doubt this?

According to Ajunwa: “It was this evidential transformation of the health sector that prompted the Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA) to recognize Governor Orji and honour him with the award of Prime Ambassador of Health at the 37thAGM/Scientific Conference of NOA in July 213.”

Wabara, a known pathological liar, lied in his ridiculous article that workers in the state are being owed between nine and 18 months’ salaries. Governor Orji had a very glorious tenure that workers in the state will continue to remember him. He’s a friend to the judiciary in the state, as against what Wabara wanted the world to believe. The staff of tertiary institutions of learning in the state will be missing Governor Orji.

There is nothing meaningful in Wabara’s barefaced article, except insults he heaped on the governor. Wabara will ever call the governor names because all his attempts to be appointed as a government worker in this administration did not work. But before Wabara calls the governor names, he should realise that the Broadcasting Corporation of Abia State (BCA) which was comatosed was revived by Ochendo. The governor did not shy away from road infrastructure. And that became uppermost in his administration. These roads, both urban and rural, contributed to the growth of commerce and boosting of agricultural activities in the state.

Does Wabara know that Abia is now a major producer of cocoa and cassava due to the numerous incentives that Governor Orji has been providing to Abia farmers having keyed into the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) of the federal government? According to Ajunwa: “There is no way one can enumerate the achievements of Governor T.A. Orji without making a reference to the prevailing peace and security in Abia State. Abians now take peace and security for granted after their governor fought very hard to overcome the security challenges that faced the state few years back.”

It is pertinent to remind Wabara that under Governor Orji, according to Ajunwa, there is no more dichotomy between the so-called Abuja politicians and home-based politicians as was the case before the present administration came on board. So, Wabara should hide his face in shame!

.Hart writes from Lagos

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