Why Nigerians Must Pray Hard For Buhari?

By May 29, Mohammadu Buhari will wear the cap of Nigeria’s President but there is urgent need for Nigerians to pray for a man who saw corruption and decided to fight it to the logical comclusion.As the first Presidential Candidate in Nigeria to win an incumbent President but there is need for Nigerians to know his health status. The political hand-writing is on the wall in the sense that Mohammadu Buhari, the President-elect wants total change to overhaul the political system but his health status should be a general concern for all Nigerians.

During the presidential campaigns when the Ekiti State Governor,Ayo Fayose sponsored an advert in most of the National newspapers indicated that the health status of Buhari is not fit for Nigeria’s competitive leadership and many misconstrued him as wishing Buhari dead. That advert only portended the status of Buhari’s fitness in leadership of Nigeria which the same late Musa Yar’Adua must not be repeated in our political system. The problem is that Nigerians cannot learn from political history while the country is fully concentrating on Buhari’s inauguration as the president to change things.

With the scheme of things at present, Buhari is incapacitated to rule Nigeria as far we all fought for change to unseat the tyrannical government that inflicted hardship on Nigerians for 16 years. The fact remains that if Nigerians are not prayerful not just witnessing the inauguration of Mohammadu Buhari but to see beyond the music. His regular trips to UK is a call for general concern and not to be kept secret from Nigerians. With several comments coming from Buhari since he was elected as Nigeria’s President only indicated that Nigerians would not get automatic change than pointing his weaknesses to the PDP.There is yet a formidable political party to bring quality leadership to Nigeria except Buhari steps on toes to uproot wicked leaders that milked the Nation’s resources dried over the years.

If Buhari must fight corruption, equity must be respected so that Nigerians will feel the pulse of creative leadership not a selective one. Those surrounded by Buhari must be checked too. One man that has used his questionable wealth to help Nigerians is Senator Bola Tinubu, the APC National leadership who invested massively to employ handful numbers of Nigerians. Some Nigerian looters ended up investing in foreign countries like Chief James Ibori of Delta State and others must be checkmated.Tinubu made men and women to fulfil their destinies in life.

Again, President Buhari must talk less and put action into place. Nigerians are tired of renowned speeches and promises but is the drive of an average Nigeria on the street. With the current fuel hike shows that Nigerians can bear hardship but wants forensic change. Every Nigerian should be praying for President Buhari not minding some fake prophets trying to make Buhari’s leadership as a special commodity. What happened in late Yar’Adua’s leadership, the North would never accept such political arrangement again than to violate the Nigeria’s constitution?

It is sad that Nigerians attention are only concentrating on Buhari’s inauguration and after May 29, what next? Can the promises made be fulfilled? What Nigerians need now are prayers to avert the unforeseen circumstance? The unity and peace of the country should be a major concern to every Nigerian now not world powers influencing our political leadership.

In as much as we continue to criticise Goodluck Jonathan as a clueless president by some desperate handlers not seeing the good projects executed by his government for five years but Buhari’s government is mostly noticeable and in litmus test. President Buhari must recover all looted funds from past leaders including Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, if political sanity must be respected. Now that he is wearing the toga of President not General, can him bear criticism? President Buhari is a temperament person and how can he bear the heat of criticism?

So after May 29 will decide if Nigerian journalists will have a say? Appointing Femi Adesina, the Managing Director of the Sun newspaper would not bring any protection for journalists.Dr.Reuben Abati of the Guardian got such appointment and only made himself rich in the corrupt politics. Those journalists that had one time received such political position easily fade out of the pen-push profession. So let see how Buahri goes? But all Nigerians must pray for him now.

Pastor Godday Odidi
Social Media Analyst/Mindset Media Limited

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