Nigerian troops kill Boko Haram commander, recover foreign currency

By The Rainbow

Nigerian troops have again scored a bull’s eye in their battle against the Boko Haram insurgents as it killed many of the terrorists and recovered weapons and other materials from them.

Significantlly, an unnamed commander of the blood-thirsty, deranged group was killed in the operation.

Defence spokesman, Chris Olukolade, announced in a statement on Monday that thousands of Euro currency were found on the body of a terrorist commander after troops successfully repelled a terrorist on Mafa towards the border.

“The (Boko Haram) terrorist who is also an Amir by status and believed to be of foreign descent, is among about 30 terrorist fighters who died in the encounter while many others fled with wounds, ” he said.

“The terrorists also lost a number weapons and equipment including the captured 13 rifles, a machine gun, rocket propelled grenade tubes and several other assorted ammunition. A Toyota Bufallo vehicle was also recovered from the terrorists. Two of their armoured vehicles were also destroyed in the battle.”

According to the statement, the only casualty on the side of own troops was a damaged equipment. Mopping up operations is ongoing in the general area,the statement said.

Meanwhile, the offensive on all terrorists hideouts is continuing on many fronts,Olukolade said.

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