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I didn’t leave my baby’s daddy ‘cos of ill health–Uche Ogbodo

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Enugu State-born actress, Uche Ogbodo is at it again. The controversial actress who took time off to have a baby is back and smoking hot! In this chat with Entertainer, the thespian opens up on motherhood, career and her break up with her lover.

What have you been up to lately?

Hmmm…same old things. I have been working, schooling and of course, settling into motherhood. I am also trying to finish my degree programme because I dropped out of school; I am currently studying Banking & Finance.

So how did you start the journey into the movie industry?

I would say it was since I was born. Acting is a talent I discovered as a little girl. I realized I had that talent when I was in nursery school. Even when I got to secondary school I still loved acting and I started organizing stuffs myself. I started directing plays and dramas and I was writing scripts also. I am very passionate about acting.

What challenges have you faced so far?

I have faced a lot of challenges ranging from misunderstanding, impersonation, intimidation and harassment. It is not easy to be great. There are certain things that great people have to deal with or go through before they get to where they want to be. I don't think it is a new or a unique experience because I think many other people who are great or successful today faced challenges at some point. They have their own stories to tell and if you listen to them, you will realize it is similar to what you are going through.

How do you cope with pressure from the male folk?

I am not under any pressure from the male folk. I am a woman and a beautiful one at that. A man must appreciate me. I don't think that is pressure. I think it is something natural that I have to deal with. Even you as a woman go through that. You don't need to be a star to experience pressure from the male folk. I am beautiful and they will always chase me and want to harass me so it is normal.

What inspires or motivates you?

A lot of things do. Human beings motivate me and I am a very passionate person. When I work, I like to take my time to go into the life of the character I am interpreting. I am me and that means I am critically different from the roles I try to interpret. Motivation for me comes from the experiences of these characters I interpret. I do not judge people and I am a receptive person; I welcome everybody no matter what because I believe that I am not in your shoes so I don't know what it takes to be you. So, if I judge you I am selfish and wicked. Even if I see a person condemned by everybody, I will still relate with that person. Maybe, that is why I have made certain mistakes in my life. I am too open so people come in and want to take advantage and destroy me but I thank God.

Do you have any regrets?

No, I don't. I rarely regret anything that happens to me because I believe it makes me stronger. I believe so much in strength and as a woman, I want to be one of the most powerful women to contend with some day. Every experience that I go through is building me up for the things ahead of me so I do not regret anything.

Are you an emotional person?

Yes, I am very emotional and passionate.

Is that why you find it easy to cry in movies?

That is acting though. I can achieve that because I am able to go into the lives of the roles I am playing.

Who are your role models?

I admire strength in women. Some people will say this or that person is my role model because of the way she or he dresses, or because she is beautiful or whatever but as for me, I admire strength in women. A hawker on the street can be a role model to me. I see strength in people who strive so I am not going to say that an icon somewhere is my role model. I have many role models. I can even learn from a little child.

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We have not been seeing you in movies of recent, is anything the matter?

No, there is no problem. I am back to work now after having my baby. I took a break because I was outside the country for a long time. Then I went out and came back again but now I am back to work so very soon, you are going to see my movies again.

How true is the rumour about breaking up with the father of your baby due to ill health on his part?

Well, we have broken up but when I saw it in the news it made me laugh a lot because it shows how fake and wicked people can be. That I have not come out to say anything about my relationship and my baby daddy or whatever does not make the story which is one sided true. It is a one angled story. You haven't heard my own side of the story and I am not saying anything about it because I have a child; there is a child between me and this guy. I am not going to tarnish somebody's image because we are not together anymore. I have a child, Chinagorom, for him so if I do anything stupid, I will be hurting my baby as well. Before I do anything I think about my child because she means the world to me. I wouldn't want to regret anything tomorrow. I told you, I don't regret anything because I think through before I say anything. It is not true that I left him because he was sick. I am not that kind of a woman. Anybody who knows me would know that I cannot and I will never leave a dying man. In fact, that is the time that I will be by his side. It is just a rumour like you said.

Is there another man in your life now?

Well, not for now. I am taking my time and not rushing into anything new right now.

If someone comes by would you be willing to move on?

If someone comes at that right moment when my mind is receptive towards that person, then yes. I am not in a hurry. I am just good being me for now. I am taking my time being single.

Could you marry someone in the industry?

There are no barricades whatsoever. Nothing can hold me back from marrying someone in the industry because actors are also human beings. We should understand that it is just their career and business. I can marry an actor, an entertainer, a musician or anybody; career has nothing to do with who rules my heart.

Do you still have feelings for your ex-husband?

(Laughter) He was not my husband so he is not my ex-husband; he is just my ex. Every positive feeling I had for my ex has been transferred to my daughter and the negative feelings that I had for him have been trashed so I am good.

Do you have any plans of getting back with him soon?


How is life with you now that you are a mother?

Well, life has been good and I am happy. My child makes me happy; she makes me laugh every day. That emptiness inside of me she has filled up. I am very happy. Motherhood is very interesting and demanding but I am coping just fine.

So how do you juggle between your career as an actress, and your primary role as a mother?

Like I said it is not easy. Especially now that my daughter is still very little but very soon she will be a grown woman and I will be free again. It is a sacrifice I have to make.

What advice do you have for up-and-coming actors and actresses?

Just keep your head up, know who you are and what you want to achieve and work towards it and the sky will be just a starting point for you. Dream big and if you fail, try again. Do not dream small but big and when you achieve, you will know that you have arrived.

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