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Fans Demands Apology from Seyi Shay for Disgracing Contestant

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Nigerian singer, Seyi Shay is currently under blast from fans as she recently accused a fan who contested for her social media competition of fraud.

The singer had put up the picture of the contestant with the highest number of likes and the names of those who claimed to have liked her song but noted that it was not fair for her to have been so desperate to have gone to buy likes for herself.

"Hey lovers, my #jangilovecompetition has finally come to an end, thank you for all your entries. We've had a blast and cried of laughter with them. It has also come to our attention that this entry has over 18,000likes. As much as I appreciate her sweet voice and the love to enter the competition, me wey get d page never even see up to 5000likes for any other post. We are aware that some people can buy likes on IG so alarm bells are ringing o! But seriously, this is very unfair to others who could have entered the competition fairly, I know say nobody wan carry last so PLEASE y'all, help me judge.. Thank you," she wrote

But those in the know have criticised her actions saying that it is a competition and she had no right to have displayed her contestant picture and publicly accusing her without evidence.

One of the fans who is based in Abuja, took her memory lane on how they had took her round some show promoters for her to get an opportunity to perform in Abuja and imagine how she could come and attack the lady wrongly.

To further drive home the credibility of the lady in question, actor, Mofe Ducan, also attested to the contestant being the winner as she once worked with a popular radio station a Abuja which also gives her a wide access to a vast network of people.