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A Woman's Place

By Maristarh Duah Asantewaa
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Commenting on the proper role of women, a man considered to be a great liberal once said: "The whole education of women ought to be relative to men.

To please them, to be useful to them,
to care for them, to make life sweet and
agreeable to them. Those duties of women
should be taught them from their infancy"
Feminists are not against individual women
being housewives.
We are against the "house-
wife" system, which says that no matter what
particular woman's talents and interests may
be, it is "natural" and good for her to sacrifice

such interests and ambitions to the task of
making a home.
Women are individual; it makes
no more sense to expect all women to be happy
with the same job in life than it would be to
expect all men to enjoy being carpenters.
Yet we have been taught differently; we have
learnt that to be assertive, logical, adventurous
and independent is to be masculine; that to be
passive, irrational, timid and submissive--
characteristics historically associated with
subject peoples -- is to be feminine.
Why??? because women have always defined by
The tradition that wife takes her husband's
name dates from the time when wives were
literally their husbands property. Even today,
most married women submerge their identities
in those of their husbands.
to be continued............
Maristarh Duah Asantewaa