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God Will Understand If I don't Pay Tithe this Month...John Dumelo

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Ghanaian actor and lover boy, John Dumelo, is currently in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria for an undisclosed business maybe it's for movie shoot but that is not his pain for now.

The actor is so sad about the way some Christians expect God's favour when they do not do what is necessary of them as instructed in the Bible.

John explained that some Christians are fond of either dividing their tithes or not paying at all in the name that God will understand that there is no money.

According to him, “I know we all feel reluctant when it's time to give tithe in church. Why should I put all this money in an envelope? Let me just divide the money, God will understand. Let me just miss this month, God will understand. I made some money elsewhere but that's not 'Tithable', God will understand. My brothers and sisters, when you want to give, give whole heartedly. The book of Mark talks about the widows mite. No matter how small the money is, just give it to God, God will bless you abundantly and you will ask yourself why is God blessing me so Much? Give to the church, give to the poor, put God first and just sit back and watch the wonders He does in your life. Amen! #happy Friday. #God is good”

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