Madumere, A Great Pathfinder To His People

A saying in Igboland has it that a child often reflects what he is named. This is why during christening, parents take their time to select a befitting name for the child. Myths have it that in primitive times, parents go to the extent of consulting fortune tellers in doing so.

The name Ezeakonobi Madumere in view of the above explanation hence will be of interesting analysis. Ezeakonobi in straight definition means that a king is never in lack in a palace, while Madumere on it's own could be said to mean an act of the people or a democratic act. By deductive reasoning, since democracy is defined as the decisions of the majority of the people and Madumere is defined as a democratic act, therefore the name Madumere means democracy. Juxtaposing Ezeakonobi and Madumere will then mean that a democratic leader should not absent in a household or palace. It will suffice to inform the reader that for the purpose of this article, household or palace as may be interchangeably used here will figuratively, in this context, mean Mbaitoli .

The emergence of Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere as the apex political leader in Mbaitoli and Owerri Zone in general is quite phenomenal given to the simple and humble life he leads since childhood. Watchers of Mbaitoli-Ikeduru politics may have expected the hundreds of maverick and noisy politicians in the area to attain this height but little did they know that God in his wisdom had chosen Mr. Humility.

Prior to his ascension to limelight in 2011, Prince Ezeakonobi however had strong traces of leadership traits trailing him. For example, he started the today's widely accepted practice of Christmas unity football competitions in the various communities, when in the early 90's in one of his home comings from America he organised and sponsored the first ever Mbieri unity football competition which other communities subsequently began to copy. At the time in reference, Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere riding in one of his black expensive Infinity car will stop at every pole in the village to exchange banters and pleasantries with the rich and poor, old and young, who all enjoyed his company. During this time, he was of great assistance to indigent youths and elders in Mbieri in particular and Mbaitoli in general. His assistance included helping to secure employment, provision of seed funds for trade learning and business ventures, widows and widowers, offsetting of medical bills, etc.

As soon as His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha appointed him in 2011 as his Chief of staff, thus making him the first appointee of the rescue mission government, Prince went to work uniting the scattered political class in Mbaitoli under the roof of the rescue mission house. Because of the tough and murky nature of Mbaitoli political water, the task was not easy yet he remained dogged, building bridges, initiating reconcilliations among warring factions and in extreme cases negotiated peace himself. He spared no effort in attracting government attention and developmental projects to Mbaitoli.

When he was elevated to the position of Deputy Governor, his commitment was doubled. Through his efforts Mbaitoli was adopted as one of the model cities being developed by the state government, three divisional police formations were established to curb crime in the local government, more high courts and magistrate courts were attracted and located to remote areas for easy dispensation of justice and closer proximity to the locals, on going massive road network construction are currently scattered in all corners of Mbaitoli. One remarkable feature of the present leadership of Prince Ezeakonobi in Mbaitoli is his uncensored accessibility to the people. Unlike previous political office holders from Mbaitoli, he runs an open door policy often breaking his security protocol. Apart from physical contact, he effectively uses the latest ICT technology such as the social media to maintain a 2, 4, 7 contact with the public. His programs and projects are profusely and timely publicized in the social media with massive followership.

As the chief of staff to the Governor, the entire traditional rulers in Mbaitoli came together in appreciation of the breaking records of Prince Eze Madumere and bestowed a chieftaincy title of "Ogbuhuruzo of Mbaitoli" (THE PATHFINDER) on him. This title to many analysts and students of Mbaitoli politics is most befitting of a man who has silently achieved what so many sons and daughters of Mbaitoli had unsuccessfully aspired for over years.

The just concluded governorship election in Mbaitoli clearly asserted His Excellency Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere as the true Pathfinder in the area as he successfully transformed into a political colossus that everybody rallied around. His Lake Malinda residence in his country home Achi Mbieri transformed into a political sanctuary where politicians from across Mbaitoli embarked on pilgrimage to. The amazing thing here is the tireless strength and zeal that is always displayed by the Deputy Governor in contrast with his status in terms of dexterity and tenacity in handling issues until results are produced. His Excellency wakes up by 5am and starts attending to issues from 6am and sleeps by 3am the next day without break and yet looks strong and sound all the time. The people of Mbaitoli by overwhelmingly voting for the APC vis a vis the Rescue government as represented by Rochas/Madumere ticket in the gubernatorial election confirms the people's acceptance of the path their PATHFINDER is leading them through.

In a recent thank you address to the people of Mbaitoli by His Excellency Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere he minced no words in informing the people of his usual undiluted commitment and support to the Rescue mission government and to his boss His Excellency the Executive Governor of Imo state Owelle Rochas Okorocha for the next four years. He also assured the people that he will not waiver in his lead and to redouble his efforts in ensuring that he leads them aright through the right path as he is already doing.

As he continues in this noble project, the thousands of Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere's admirers and fans wish him a more focused and productive years of purposeful leadership. Just as the holy book says "every leader is maketh by God" and we believe his leadership in Mbaitoli is already ordained by God and it will surely attain the anticipated providential crescendo.

Comr . Aku Odidinma (Abdul), a Youth Leader, writes from Mbaitoli

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