Second Term “Permitted but Not Guaranteed”

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Reading through the interview granted by former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Obong (Arc) Victor Bassey Attah, to the media recently, it became clear to me that

“Second Term” is not enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution, hence it is “Permitted but not Guaranteed”. I can now see the desperation of elected public office holders as some of them run from pillar to post seeking funny endorsements from groups and individuals, through unworthy means. In one of such desperations,

I read where a Pentecostal Bishop had, at his Church altar, anointed a State Governor; the same Bishop went again to a local, cultural (native) shrine to anoint the same Governor. This is unbelievable but it happened. It was overkill and display of great desperation on both the sitting Governor and the Bishop who was trying to justify the cash and material gifts received from the 'anointed'. Quoting from the Attah's interview under reference “…..second tenure is permitted but not guaranteed.

Therefore whoever wants it must convince the people that he deserves it”. Attah's statement is in conformity with what the PDP National Chairman; Prince Vincent Ogbulafor pretended to have said earlier. I believe it is for this reason that some Governors that have not performed to expectations of the electorate nor have something to fear are getting desperate about the second term matter.

For instance, Governor Fashola of Lagos State is less perturbed about second term rather he is concentrating on the good work that he is rendering to the public. In his mind, he knows that if his party should decide not to field him for a second tenure, he could easily move to any party, and where proper election would be conducted, he would carry the day. It is a fact that good product does not need much advertisement or things like that.

Mr. Yinka Aderemi, 3 Fasheun Close, IBADAN, Oyo State

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