State of denial – by Emeka Eze

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Nigeria as we know it today is facing the danger of an imminent collapse that will eventually come to agreement with the predictions of those who have studied her evolution over the years. We have now been faced with a direct challenge to the forces that have held all peoples of the entire landscape hostage with what to do now that their pawn is down and perhaps out of corridors of power. Many among us I suppose may have forgotten how Umaru Musa Y'ardua after his famous collapse on the campaign trail, and being airlifted to Germany for treatment had to pay a visit to Babangida in Minna, Niger State once Obasanjo had succeeded in making him president to cover his tracks.

To this day, not few people have thought to enquire why Umaru had to make that visit as a first act having been selected to rule under criminal circumstances. Though the (s)election process was a do or die affair for Obasanjo since it was all designed to cover his tracks and set the entire country into the wilderness of confusion while he is left free from any form of trials for crimes committed while in office, today as we all can see it is Umaru that is now on admission in a Saudi Arabian hospital battling to save his life while the same cabal that foisted him upon the docile landscape, are once again engaged in horse trading to once again decide on the fate of the people and who they will foist on the fragile country to continue the 'good work' of ruinous-rudderless leadership. This is a time when all sorts of charlatans speak from both sides of their mouth just to appear to be on the side of the power brokers.

A beneficiary of the stolen presidency, Goodluck Jonathan have been warming up to the northerners just to curry their support as he looks forward to filling the vacuum created by the pericaditis challenged Umaru Y'ardua. While this is all going on, David Mark a lousy notorious senator, a man planted in the upper chamber to serve the interest of IBB, have been busy parading himself as catholic priest and calling for endless prayers to save Umaru as if he really cares that much about him. There are a host of others who have become prayer seekers/warriors, men and women who are well known to be members of one secret cult or another and who all of a sudden, have become god fearing faithfuls just to retain their political positions through which they criminally enrich themselves to the disadvantage of the rest of us. This is the current state of denial that all Nigerians have found themselves. Political positions are determined by zones and not by mental, health-educational qualifications.

The PDP, the most vile political party that ever emerged in any African country, is determined to see to the demise of Nigeria. To this end, they are working round the clock to mislead the people with false information on the actual state of the country. While pondering on the situation that is currently leading to the eventual demise of Nigeria, one must call to mind the very incidents that led to the naming of this geographic location at the time of amalgamation in 1914.

It was the British government representative Fredrick Lugard along with his mistress Prisca who came up with the unfortunate idea of yoking various tribes that had nothing in common for the simple benefit of administrative convenience to the British. While the criminal religious proselytes from Europe claimed to be evangelizing to convert populations in the South, the North was left untouched in the hands of some Islamic feudal lords who took advantage of the people to perpetuate themselves. It is on record from 1914 to this day that all Nigeria's leaders have been made to swear to a deity located in Zungeru, Niger State in order to be allowed to preside over the affairs of Nigeria. There is only one person who refused to do this and had to pay with his life. MKO Abiola was freely elected by the people in 1993 to be president but the over lords of Nigeria, those who have decided that without them no one will ever become the president of Nigeria, decided to toy with the vote of the people and had to truncate it through Ibrahim Babangida who eventually annulled the election ignoring the fact that Prof. Hunfrey Nwosu who was the chief electoral officer had actually released the results from almost all the states of the federation. There are still those who still wonder why Abiola had to be murdered rather than been freed to take over the reigns of power after the demise of Sani Abacha. Abiola had to be eliminated for his principled refusal to swear to the evil deity at Zungeru. This is exactly where we are right now in the gradual demise/disintegration of what once appeared to be a promising country out of Africa. Reliable sources have it on good record that Goodluck Jonathan, that lucky guy occupying the vice presidency office, have no problem submitting to and swearing at the evil shrine located at Zungeru. This will enable him to continue on the vicious circle of ruinous leadership of which himself and his wife are all partners. In times like this, one hears Nigerians talk about prayers as if they really believe in its efficacy. While talking about prayers and supplications, they forget about restitution which is the very first thing that they must do if they expect their prayers to be answered. In the ancient times and even to this very moment, it is mandatory that anyone that expects his prayers to be answered by the Most High, must first of all, reconcile with his neighbours/brothers before ever making any sacrifices and to this Most High, there must not be any other god. How sincere are those voices that are now clamoring for prayers for the recovery of Y'ardua?

If the family/Cabinet of the president are really honest/interested in God intervening in his case, why then are they also employing the services of diviners and marabouts at Aso Rock and elsewhere? God must not be mocked and one must remind Nigerian criminal leaders of what happened to King Saul. At a time of crisis the king of Israel went to inquire from a medium instead of God contrary to the law of the Great One. King Saul did not live long after that excursion. Nigerian leaders failure to learn from history and its determined effort to subject a certain section of the population to slavery like is obvious in the Niger Delta and the South East, is directly responsible to the woes that is presently bedeviling the entire population. Try as hard as you may to deny this fact, it will not make it go away. The only thing that will deliver now is to tell ourselves that bitter truth that most of us have worked very hard to deny all these years. The forced union is not and have never worked.

Emeka Eze [email protected]

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