Buhari: The Burden Of Change

In a few week's time, the much anticipated wind of change will take full control of Nigeria's political atmosphere. All the glorious future promised in a gloomy weather is now set to fill the cloud. Some actually took the campaign for a magic enterprise, the public conversation has so far revealed.

"You said you can double my money?" they seem to ask.

"Ok, take it, go ahead increase it."
Well, that's either how much they believe in the new government or how far they're given to the hypnosis of change. In response, this is the message of hope: it will be doubled but not by defying natural order.

The pressure is understandable, people are in dire need of a Deus ex machina and very swiftly, too. The game has changed! Nigerians rejected the incumbent because he didn't live up to (even his) expectations. Why shouldn't they repeat such if need be? And with technological advancements in information technology, it's been a lot more easier to assess political leaders by how far they have moved in the line of their plans and promises.

This has spurred a public institutional watchdog, up-to-date monitoring system peopled by almost every keen Interest during the period of electioneering. Now, the opposition will not (only) be PDP, it is a bigger, robust entity consisting of many subscribers to the 'change story.' The next regime indeed understands the enormous nature of the task ahead.

Aside the explicit blueprint of the administration's masterplan there are also numerous tacit agreements and promises that must be fulfilled. If you are a fan of Pastor Benny Hinn you will understand how burdening this administration is even before leaving the harbor. The prayer requests that Benny Hinn's ministry receives are too many that all he does is to lay hands on them at once and say a prayer. His Excellency would not have that privilege. He needs to study every request, consult, and negotiate.

Already, there are several posts from even men outside his party who already have the full list of who should make (or not) "the first eleven." Some ethno-political groups have gone as far as lobbying for SGF and FCT ministerial slot for their geopolitical zone --- a strategic move, already. Lobbying and Negotiation (not blackmail) are what makes the game--- and sacrifice, too. He has to consider everything, from zoning, to party reward systems, to delivery of the core dividends--the causal factor of his opponent's defeat -- and also be in tune with the orderings of Global politics and economy. Or what's the economy without Foreign Direct Investments, FDI ?

Despite all, we must understand that time is a crucial aspect in developmental endeavours. It is no means to use as excuse for anticipated flops, rather it is a nugget for common-sensical grasp. The burden is heavier than to expect a fleeting transformation. It is a process. It is a becoming. It's burdening, it needs time but four years will be enough to see some strategic developmental stride. By then the message would have changed from "Change" to "More."

Showunmi Rex [@remirex]

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