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Pastor Bakare & Prophetic Inconsistencies


One thing I have come to understand about heavenly Visions is that God uses 'men and women' for predictions and once anyone misuses the opportunity so given by God, He (God) would abandon such a person to incoherency in delivering the message; this is normally orchestrated by Satan. We know of Prophet Jonah in the Bible.

It beats my imagination that when Obasanjo came in, Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Church was the one that concluded that God showed him that Obasanjo was not the ordained man to preside over Nigeria, therefore would not last. But in contrast Obasanjo completed two terms and even tried a failed third term. Then on Yar'Adua who was forced on the nation by the same Obasanjo; Pastor Bakare prophesied that Yar'Adua was the Messiah that would see Nigeria through. This was widely publicized in the media, apart from informing his Church congregations. I disagreed with him then because his prediction was in variance with the revelation God gave me, though I may not be a certified Prophet.

Now reading The Spectator newspaper dated Friday, December 18 – Thursday, December 24, 2009, (pages 13, 41 & 50) in an interview Pastor Bakare was quoted thus: “It could be the end for Mr. Yar'Adua because if he does not leave office, office will leave him anyway. It is a question of time”; “I think there is an assumption outside there in the presidency that the office of the president of Nigeria is like the ancient throne of Usman Dan Fodio or Alaafin of Oyo or Oni of Ife”; “Every man or woman of goodwill in this nation must rise up for strategic intervention”; “..His (Yar'Adua's) refusal or inability to transmit to the National Assembly his inability to continue to steer the ship of the state for a while before going for his medical checkup or treatment is an insult on our collective intelligence”; (and) “Just like the president, the entire nation has been sick”.

With the above, can Pastor Bakare start to give us proper Visions, if we must continue to believe him? I think he should wait for God to properly inform him on every Vision before he gives out.

Nse Archibong
288 Ikwerre Road

Diobu, Port Harcourt.

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