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Aasu On The Increasing African Youth Illegal Migration To Europe

By All Africa Students Union (AASU)
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The illegal migration of young people from Africa to Europe increases as the days pass. Every day thousands of migrants and refugees are making desperate journey from North Africa to Europe Mediterranean’s coast. In 2014, an estimated 170000 migrants arrived in Italy by sea majority of them leaving Libya. Most of them came from Syria, the Horn of Africa and West Africa.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) between the beginning of 2015 and the middle of April 21000 migrants had reached the Italian coast and 900 migrants had died in the Mediterranean.

News of deaths at sea and unimaginable sufferings in the waters between North Africa and Italy, have become daily items and “normal” occurrences. However the increase in the current influx is significant, the absence of control from the ports of embarkation is completely inexistent due to the chaotic Libyan situation and the lack of real concern of world and in particular African leaders is unbelievable.

The tragedy of the illegal migration of African youth to Europe has, without doubt, negative consequences on the future of Africa where the development process will be jeopardized. It is a matter that should have been high on the agenda of our leaders if only the advancement of their people and their continent is their priority. But a continent where dishonesty for personal gains is the modus operandi of the leaders this situation is just a storm in tea cup. Sad indeed!

AASU calls, once again, on African and European leaders to collectively put their heads together in order to pave the way for lasting solutions to this grave situation with its scores of consequences for everybody;

AASU calls on African leaders to fasten the integration process of their continent, promote and defend the interests of their people with one voice as a matter of urgency.

Let’s protect our future by protecting the young people!

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