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My Anger With Comedians Over Jokes On Physically Challenged—Kemi Afolabi

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Lord of Ajasa, the self-acclaimed King and originator of indigenous rap in Nigeria has been rumoured to be at lodger head with Olamide but he has however denied it saying they are jolly good fellows.
"Some people believe I have 'beef' with Olamide but that's a lie. I don't have any 'beef' with Olamide. Let me clear the air now. He's my very good friend; if you see us together, you wouldn't say all this. Everybody is just creating something to write about," he stated.
Also speaking about his slow rise to fame, Lord of Ajasa blamed Nigerians for forgetting him and his achievements in the music sector.
"I'm not one of the founders of Yoruba rap; I'm the founder of indigenous rap in Nigeria. Not even just Yoruba, but indigenous rap as a whole. Who else started it before me? On the issue of respect, I don't like talking about things like that anymore, because people will hold my words and start saying whatever they like.
It's glaring now. There's nothing anybody can do about it. It's normal; when anybody is making waves out there, people will hail you! But when you're no more at your peak, they move away and don't care about you again. That's Nigeria for you. Look at Rasheed Yekini; did anybody talk about him till he died? It was after his death that people started talking about him.
The same thing happened to Da'grin. Music is just about passion for me; I'm doing it because it's what I love doing. It's not about how many people are screaming my name. God gave me the talent, and I see it as a blessing, and I've been able to spread the blessings around. I'm a successful fellow in the industry. Many people are doing what I started, and nobody can deny that," he added.