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Never Stay In An Abusive Relationship—Bovi Warns

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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One of Nigeria's top most comedians, Bovi, has come out to express his love for Nigerian women after kicking against all forms of violence in marital homes.

The comedian using a picture illustration of a woman crying in her home, stated that he appreciates women who have taken out time to pursue their dreams without being dependant on anybody for survival.

Bovi noted that marriage is a nice institution people should get involved in but warned that in a situation whereby it kills one dreams, the best option is to step out rather than be violated.

“I dedicate this to all the women who have chosen to pursue their dreams. Every dream ultimately breeds success and the material representation of success is wealth. I dedicate this to women who have resisted and conquered chauvinism, domestic and spiritual violence, in-law generational curses, I am the man of the house bullying and all sorts of marital/relationship issues. Marriage is a beautiful institution but if it kills your dreams as a human being, press delete!!!” he wrote.