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PDP set to air false documentary on Gov. Amaechi - RSG

By Bekee Anyalewechi
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Desperate to smear the Administration of Governor Chibuike Amaechi and ridicule his years of hard work to transform Rivers State, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state is set to broadcast an anti-government documentary. The documentary meant to incite the people against the government, is nothing but a photo-shopped line of ‘uncompleted’ projects to be ‘abandoned’ by Gov. Amaechi. But the Rivers State Government has condemned the documentary saying it is nothing but a bundle of lies meant to discredit a season of Amaechi’s hard work which has a global rating.

In a statement by Ibim Semenitari, Rivers state Commissioner of Information and Communications, the reason behind the documentary was identified as nothing other than to deny that the present Administration completed projects in the state, even when the blind can see them. “We suspect this documentary, a project in itself anti-government and reactionary, is targeted at rubbishing the years of hard work Gov. Amaechi had committed in the course of his stewardship. But in the face of this evil endeavour is a scorecard of a Governor acknowledged worldwide as a workaholic. Rivers people know their Governor and how he has constructed model secondary schools, hospitals, kilometres of road, bridges, interchanges and other graded projects. Rivers people know that Governor Amaechi had employed thousands of their sons and daughters into the teacher system and the Civil Service long before election time. They know also that their Governor had undertaken and completed projects that have hugely, positively impacted on their lives. So, any other photo or image that presents them with what they have not known these years of Gov. Amaechi’s service, then, is a lie. It should be ignored, dismissed and rejected”.

The Honourable Commissioner gave the lead of how PDP would procure the images it intends to air on major channels.

“PDP has been busy taking still photo and video shoot of Rivers State Government projects, both ongoing and completed ones, after which it will employ the services of an IT expert to use devices for photo, video and graphic editing to distort the images and present them to the world as “Amaechi’s uncompleted projects in Rivers state”. As not to be caught in its own trap, the masterminds have already discussed with a TV Channel to broadcast it on its network service. Aware that Rivers people will puncture their tissue of lies, those behind this unholy project will target external audience. No plot could be this sinister!

The Information and Communications commissioner stated that nowhere does an incumbent regime complete every project. “Even incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan has ongoing projects which the incoming Administration of President-elect Muhammadu Buhari, will inherit for completion. This leaves us to think that PDP and its governorship candidate lack the basic understanding of how government functions”.

Semenitari, who stated that the Administration remains grateful to Rivers people for their wonderful co-operation, expressed regrets that PDP had been telling nothing but lies over the years and had given no indication it would change. “Rather than swallow its pride and acknowledge that Gov. Amaechi is a statesman, PDP prefers to distort records. Its soon-to-be-released documentary runs against good conscience and decorum, and should be ignored. If it never supported Gov. Amaechi these years, we least expect it would do so at this end of the Administration’s journey, we however leave our work to God, posterity and Rivers people to judge.

Ibim Semenitari
Commissioner of Information and Communications

Rivers State