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Moyo Lawal Finally Reveals What She Did To Make Her Curves Thick, Butts Bigger

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Moyo Lawal Finally Reveals What She Did To Make Her Curves Thick, Butts Bigger

Rita Chioma
16:38 (3 hours ago)

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She is undoubtedly one of the sexiest actresses in Nollywood, with her hour-glass shape, diminutive Moyo Lawal is always seen and regarded as a sex symbol by the opposite sex.
Many have been wondering the secrets behind her curves, hips and butts, Miss Lawal wants them to worry no more as she finally shared the secrets to them all and how she keeps fit and in shape.
"I thought I have added a lot of weight and the hourglass figure is not so obvious again. I do a lot of waist training and I go to the gym when I notice that I am a bit sluggish. I go to the gym a lot.
To make my buttocks bigger, I do squats and you really would not want to know how many I do per day. If I wear an outfit and I see that I look funny in it, the next time I go to the gym, I could do about a thousand squats in a day.
As for tattoos, I got them at a point in my life when I needed to do something that was completely different from what I do. I saw people with tattoos and I used to admired them. One day, I decided to get one. I later got others. That is just me, bringing a bit of wildness to my nature.
People see me as a sex symbol, but I think it is ironic because I don't think I am that sexy in real life. That was why last year, I did not accept any role that portrayed me as being sexy. The only roles I accepted were the very serious ones. I am trying to bring a whole new side of Moyo Lawal to the table. Being a sex symbol is something I have accepted but it is time I pushed my career beyond projecting my sexiness," she squealed.
Life is never perfect, Moyo may have all the sexiness shape in the world but she also has a secret pain and wish.
"Yes, I wish I was taller. At a point in my life, I wished I was because I am the shortest person in my house. But people tell me that if I were taller, the world would be in trouble because I would be super sexy. There is a reason why God removed some inches from my height and I have accepted myself the way I am."
The talented light skinned actress as well mentioned the part of her body that she sees as a major asset.
"That would be my eye. When it comes to work, my eyes have helped me get a lot of jobs and opportunities. I go for an audition and they tell me to read a script and while I read, they give me the role because they say they can see the way I feel through my eyes," she gushed.