An Open Letter To Dr X (Part 3)

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"Dear Dr X,
A medical teacher for instance, does not just treat his patient. He sees it as an opportunity to teach. He seizes the opportunity so provided to dwell on his patient's conditions to the benefit of his students...taking care not to divulge the identity of such patient...when he addresses a larger audience....say, in a seminar, a lecture, a grand round, or even an academic journal or book!

I have used you as a mere case study to pass a bigger way of other doctors. Those with your pro bono mindset....and those who may wish to imbibe your techniques....highli­ghting the great risks inherent in it....and proferring solutions.

I am very surprised and sorely pained that you glossed over this larger picture...preferring­ to dwell on other mundane ...though untrue....sides of the matter.

I have not revealed your identity, your location, or your practice to my expanded audience!

It is you who have done lavishly....on your websites!

I may be guilty of being bitten by the Author's Bug...but I insist you are simply overreacting....

My due regards to your family..."
The sum total of my motives for going public with this true-life story...while preserving the anonymity of my subject is:

1.To prick his conscience.
2.To prompt him to effect a policy reversal thus restoring food to the mouths of his colleagues, allied health professionals and their litany of siblings.

3.To call his attention to the grave risk his policy confers on his person, his family and his property.

4.To apprise him of the need to minimize such security risk by limiting personal information he releases to the internet.

5.To scale back such info already released.
6.To use his matter as a case study, while maintaining absolute anonymity of his identity, for the benefit of doctors who share his mindset and those who plan to go his way.

Feelers from my subject indicate that he is deeply touched by my decision to use his matter as a case study.

And if such anger...or even worry would lead him to turn a new leaf, my goals would have been accomplished....

Dr Tosin Akindele is medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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