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An Open Letter To Dr X (Part 2)

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1.I posted the article above in its anonymous form to some fora to gather opinions.

2. I posted comment (see below) in further analysis of your pro bono policy in anonymous form.

Beyond fellow doctors, rendering free lab and scan services means no independent diagnostic centre can viably exist within a 20-mile radius of your hospital...for they unlike doctors, have no surgery et al to fall back on!

We must wisely presume that these persons are very likely to be after your life. Thus, you need to either do away with this policy...or beef up your security!

And take some pictures off the internet! Even I a new friend, could download some if I wanted to. Preferably see a security consultant urgently! Perhaps our meeting is divinely ordained...

The Said Comment:
"I suppose I am crazy... This guy owns a sprawling practice. He thinks I am brilliant. He has inundated me with very personal questions. He is a brilliant doctor and a literary giant in his own right! He either wants to discuss my marital issues with me...or intends to employ me.

And instead of grabbing that rare chance to give myself some financial respite, see how I have "unwisely" blown that opportunity as I continue to hunger.

Yet I strongly feel he has not acted properly in his pro bono drive... by sending his colleagues into penury.

Such a business tactic that ensures most women deliver their babies in his gratitude to the "nice Dr who gave them free ANC, DRUGS, SCAN AND TESTS!

My financial wellness cannot override that of so many other people! Hmmm.... The way I think....

The most saddening part is that he, like others like him, not only thinks he is smarter than other people, he strongly believes those people who, driven by pure ethical conduct...not by sheer ruthlessness, are neither focussed nor smart!

He summises that nice people are confused...and unsure of what they want in life!

Dr X could as well be anybody on the surface of the earth! Enough care was taken to maintain absolute anonymity! No mention of real names, or place! Only you and I know the true identity of the subject...person...under discuss.

And your pro bono policy is by no means a secret! I am sure your entire township and state knows about it! It is lavishly stated on your website...with pictures to boot...of self, spouse and kids! So, in real essence, I did not reveal to the public anything new! And wouldn't have...even if that article mentioned your name, practice and location!

In my dealings in life, considerations for my safety and comfort come last. My motives for sounding out people for their opinions on your case are clear enough... To restore food into the mouths of those you have yanked it by your policy...and explore how even you...the "odada"....can come out of this whole issue unscathed!

In life, we are often so consumed in our individual conceits and prides....that our near-absolute aversion for criticism may blind us to good counsel when offered.

Can you believe that up till this moment, all readers of that article still believe that I was merely trying my hands on some fiction?

As I already stated, do away with that policy...and beef up your security!

By the way, I have not....repeat, have not revealed any details of our discuss to the public...even anonymously...

My article dwelt on two issues...mind classification...and pro bono medical and lab gleaned from your website!

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Tosin Akindele and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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