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APC USA Cautions: South African Xenophobic Madness Towards Innocent Non/Nigerians & Must Stop Now!

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There is no gain writing about South Africa and ignoring their Heroes: Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and their likes, which made Africa proud. All of a sudden recent, South African Xenophobic Madness set to upturn unbeatable history.

Regrettably, what Xenophobic of South Africans are doing is condemnable and must be redressed now, to forestall sanity and promote African brotherhood! Never again should Africa be set against Africa, not in South Africa and in Africa. Perpetrators must back off now!

Regardless of this uncivilized act, South African leaders are responsible for bringing perpetrators to order now. This is mind bugging. South Africa suddenly forgot the role played by Nigerian and the likes of Late Chief MKO Abiola to gain independence. In the late 70’s Nigerian workers were mandated to contribute money from their hard earned pay checks to leverage stop Apartheid.

The role of Nigerian in ending Apartheid cannot easily be forgotten, and even if forgotten, history can be visited for a resounding remembrance. Africans and victims are beclouded, in sorrow and in sober reflections; Nigerians don’t deserve unscrupulous insolence?

Nigerian and Africans must this fight ugly act, impunity and barbarism in all forms, and together must ignore diplomatic niceties and face reality. It is unimaginable for Africans in African to treat each other this way, similar to what Africans are facing with Africans in developed countries. It is shameful; we are no longer our brother’s keepers, insinuating bygone is bygone, everyone should bear his father’s name, therefore, calls for Africans to associate with its place of birth.

This is probably not going to be the first or the last, we foresee this menace being repeated and directed at Nigerians. However, we call Nigerians to be law abiding, irrespective of where and place they live. To avoid this type of ravage, Nigeria must fuse together, to an umbrella as to ethnicity and identify with embassies or high commissions.

Abroad, we two major organizations are expected to look after Nigerians, Embassies and “Nigerians in Diaspora” (NIDO) and it’s time to revisit their roles; time for NIDO to hold the bull by its horn, as fear grips Nigerians in South Africa; families seek refuge in Police Station. Nigerians in South Africa dearly needs NIDO, as NIDOs name depicts service to Nigerians.

Some Nigerians in South Africa have cried out against the xenophobic attacks on Africans in parts of the country; It is unclear if only 50 Nigerians were affected by xenophobic attacks, question to PDP - Nigeria Embassy in South Africa and NIDO. Nigerians need exact figures and what are in place for their families.

Nigerians expect its embassies to be supportive of them in term of needs, but embassies behavior towards Nigerians are unfriendly, treating Nigerian like animals from another planet. They neither pick calls nor returns calls, and it they ever did return calls, someone will shout at you and in a commanding tone! Even though most workers are politically appointed, they can be trained to acclimatize, and catch up with the taste of time, specifically in communications and marketing skills, and treat Nigerians humanly.

The evil role of the Zulu king in asking immigrants to leave; a hate statement that triggered the killings. The king was hand in gloves with the then apartheid regime to the detriment of all non-Zulu South Africans. No one, neither the world supports this barbaric incidence. The king and cohorts must stand trial for mass murder immediate and notably justice delayed is justice denied.

In sympathizing with Xenophobic attacks, Nigerians have demonstrated support, with the call, " Let's have a black SATURDAY in solidarity against the gruesome killings of foreigners in South Africa; Nigerian consumers must also consider the following as direct grievance effort - enforcing its purchasing power on South African goods and services in the continent and most importantly in Nigeria, there products, services and or companies, including business investments are not restricted to: MTN, ShopRite, Pick n Pay, Spar, Steers, Debonairs, Hungry Lion, Mr Price, Woolworths, DSTv- Multichoice, Protea Hotel and Wines, weaponry, etc. Xenophobic madness towards the innocent immigrants is man-made, time to start putting faces to faults and actions into place without further excuses, suggest, stringent punishments at all perpetrators and their cohorts.

In conjunction with whatever measures being taken, by Federal Government, United Nations, South African, Africa Union and or International, Nigeria must not overlook South African incident for the fare a repeat edition. This will be tantamount to abject negligence to its citizenry.

There is the immediate need for stakeholders meetings to suggest interventions strategies.

Nigerians suffer at home and abroad in the mist of surpluses, associated with our leadership and posterity will not forgive all participants.

Francis John, 816.359.8527
Executive President
APC USA International Secretariat
African Union
United Nations
South African Embassy
Nigerian Embassy Federal Republic of Nigeria
All Progressives Congress