When PDP and Owerri Zone Killed Their Own

Alexandra Monir remains ever popular with her admonition that “there is nothing in this life that can destroy you but yourself. Bad things happen to everyone, but when they do, you can’t just fall apart and die. You have to fight back. If you don’t, you’re the one who looses in the end. But if you do keep going and fight back, you win.” This witty saying, reminds me of the just concluded 2011 gubernatorial elections in Imo State and the journey so far, as all the parties and their structures sit to evaluate, apportion blames and take glories for deeds of cowardice, deceits and intrigues done, as well as those of greatness and manliness.

When I recall the enthusiasm with which the Imo PDP rallied round and planned, schemed and fought to make sure they reclaim “their mandate” in the State, it makes me laugh now. I remember how Prof Protus Nathan Uzorma and I, with other great social critics, criticised the lackadaisical attitudes of the Imo PDP leadership and called for the removal of the Chairman of the Party in the State and an overhauling of the party’s entire structure in the State.

(I even published- “Imo PDP, the Sleeping Giant”). Many saw reasons with us and certain suggestions were put to place, yet, the rancour that had infiltrated the party drew clear interest-dichotomy between true and fully disposed Imo PDP members that believed in the equity and fairness charter, and the labial advocates of the ideology. I came to believe the great Italian author, Niccolo Machiavelli, in his thoughts that the end justifies the means. I came to believe Christ more in his saying that it is not all that call Father, Father that are true believers and sons of the Father or will enter the Kigndom.

Imo PDP has killed their own for the second time in four years, and as William Shakespeare once said, “Twice beaten, twice shy.” The late Rev Fr Anthony Nduka Oparah (my former Parish Priest) shortly before his premature death said, “O mere mmadu mee onwe ya, amaghi ihe!” This is the lot of both the Imo PDP and the Owerri Zone as a political entity, who are like the proverbial “Nte na-ere oku, o si na ya na agba abuba,” “nwa aturu n’anyure ukwu ya, o si na ya n’anyure obi onye nwe ya.”

The Imo State PDP party leaders have killed their own, as they did four years ago. Last week, I published “When Nemesis Went to Vote.” I was sure this will happen and remain happy that Gov Okorocha won, so that both the Imo PDP and Owerri Zone will learn their last lessons. This is a shame to the dirty game-players that sold out and killed their own at the dying minutes of the April 11 2015 gubernatorial and supplementary elections in the name of permanent interest in political partyism. Had the northerners played this sort of game, Buhari wouldn’t have won. President Jonathan was the first to notice that as a saturated container, the PDP all over Nigeria does not care about the “outcomes” of their individual strides and their effects on the collective wellbeing of the party. The wittiest Nigerian and the luckiest as he is, he swiftly turned his monumental international and historic shame to monumental international and historic firm and democratic heroism, which since the history of the nation since its amalgamation, none has ever witnessed such heroism and statesmanship before.

I know many first-one-leg-ups Imo PDP aspirants that went to the sign posts from 2013. Where are they now? Where are all those that were with us at the All Seasons Hotels Owerri in 2013 clamouring for Imo Charter of Equity. They have all vanished from the clannish communal interest of the Owerri Zone and from the communal party interest of the Imo PDP to the personalised permanent interests in other parties and in selling out secretly like Judas. But, nemesis is inevitable. Either it hits on you the prime mover or it wrecks your sons and daughters while you still breathe, and to your chagrin. About 70% of Imo PDP stalwarts from units to wards, to LGAs, to zones and State levels since November 2013, had taken hidden moves to betray the party, just “to pay back,” LGA-wise, Constituencies-wise, Senatorial zone-wise, State-wise and nationally” But, they forgot that this “paying back” means receiving life-slams. Now that they have achieved their aims, whither now- To the APC, APGA for accommodation and asylum or still in the dead PDP- Which stay in comatose has exceeded expected time for return? Must they all run to APC, if they will, how are we sure that their flooding into the new winning party (APC) is not for vendetta opportunities as they have been habitually known?

Man has become god (in PDP and Owerri Zone), apportions punishments and takes revenge, and as play-god, decrees and anoints whom the gods have chosen. Imo PDP and indeed, PDP in Nigeria are in comatose. Read me next week on this. Virtually, 90% of apex PDP leaders in Okigwe Zone killed their own like the Jews that preferred Barnabas (the bandit) to Jesus (the Saviour). It is not strange. Almost 95% of the entire core Owerri indigenes killed their own- In their various sons in different parties that contested for the April 11 polls. First, they all refused to merge or coalesce; in defiance to all our prophetic warnings. Secondly, in all the political parties that featured Owerri zone candidates for the gubernatorial election, their campaign directors mismanaged the funds diverted it to their private usages while playing hidden canvassers and poll agents to their principals’ proper opponents. Owerri Zone, che shemo (vergogna)! Even in the Mbaise clan, not up to 60% of the populace voted their sons in PPA and PDP. The Ikeduru betrayed their UPP son and candidate, while the Owerri North disappointed their sons in APGA and AP.

I recall what I said last week in my “When Nemesis Went to Vote.” For baseless justifications that have no progressive grounds, the Imo PDP and Owerri Zone have killed their own. Yet, this killing is for good. It was Lorii Myers that once said “sometimes not getting what you want is a brilliant stroke of luck.” First, to the salesmen and elderly PDP Statesmen in Okigwe Zone, I make bold to say that Okorocha’s second tenure is a clear testimony of greatness of individuals and the great might of the Orlu Zone from where I come. I recall for them that even Chief Sam Mbakwe that tried and seemed greater then, nature ripped off his second tenure with military interregnum in politics. My boss Chief Ikedi Ohakim came and because the Orlu Zone is naturally and eternally superior, he was ousted out of the Douglas House and since then the Orlu Zone has remained strongest force. Senator Ifeanyi Araraume has been treated as a sacrificial lamb once, he came again and received the second time hid, and will receive more as he comes out the third time. Orlu has come to stay, rule and rule Imo till Christ comes as I reported in last week’s edition, what core Owerri newspapers’ free read-and-debaters were saying in their xenophobic comments at Newspaper stands against the Mbaise being in Douglas House. The Oba of Lagos is as guilty as the South African King in xenophobia, as well as the Owerri Zone traditionalists are to the Mbaise. My apologies to core Christians and progressives in Owerri Zone, who are not of this wicked and unpatriotic mentality and do not share the anachronistic ideology.

I congratulate “My Brother, Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha (OON)” and promise to give him full support if he changes his old antics and toe the models of President Jonathan and General Buhari. Together, we will rule Imo with all our hearts and devotions to make this strong man from Orlu Zone, who has testified that historically in Imo, except the two Governors from Orlu (Chief Achike Udenwa, 1999-2007 and Owelle Anayo Okorocha, 2011-2019) no other Governor from Okigwe or Owerri had been so powerful as to win a second tenure and finish it than them. Congratulations Rochas! May your days be long and play fairly to all as you expand your State’s fatherhood to all Imolites from all the parties that participated in the election, as their numerous participations made the victory glamorous. For sure, the Orlu Zone man will rule Imo from 2019 to 2027 and I tip either Senator Hope Uzodimma or Chief Tony Ezenna, and immediately after one of them, I will come to rule Imo since I am sure that the Owerri Zone must sell out like Judas and the Okigwe must be on vendetta ventures that will favour us always.

As Imo PDP and Owerri Zone have killed their own, Imolites must not sit or strive to bury the suicidal dead, but have to raise their heads up either to form a formidable constructive opposition in the State, which acts will benefit the State better or keep silent and sulk their grieves till reincarnation. Imo deserves the better and has received such, for God gives His people what they want.

These apart, I urge Owelle Rochas Okorocha as Governor and Governor-elect, to embrace but only oppositions that have lanced constructive criticisms on his administrative patterns than those schemers that just like Judas, sold their masters at the wee hours and have run to hang themselves at the balcony of Douglas House, in order to make Rochas later an incidental murderer.

Congratualations Owelle! Solace Imo PDP! Weep not child- Owerri Zone, when you change, fortune will encounter you and bring your son or daughter to Douglas House since you have decided to be the Landlord whose tenant rules!

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