By NBF News

Actor Corey Haim fraudulently obtained over 500 prescription pills in the two months before his death, California's attorney general has said.

Jerry Brown said Haim, who died in March aged 38, acquired drugs such as Valium through seven different doctors, using an alias at least once.

Mr Brown called him a “poster child” for prescription drug abuse.

It is thought Haim was able to get the medications by complaining of specific symptoms, such as shoulder pain.

Drug ring
Mr Brown said the doctors did not seem to know that Haim was obtaining prescriptions through different sources.

He said prescription abuse or “doctor-shopping” is on the rise as his office has been investigating over 200 different cases amongst patients and doctors.

However, it is thought these findings are separate to a link discovered days after the actor's death to a drug ring.

The group is thought to have illegally obtained prescription pads and used the stolen identities of doctors to fill them out.

Haim's name was discovered on records during an investigation into the illegal activity.

Haim, best known for his role in the teen vampire film Lost Boys, had fought drug addiction for some years.