Anambra Broadcasting Service, Joe Martins Uzodike And Caltec Generators—An Exposé

Having waded into the ABS, JOE MARTINS and “WHO BOUGHT THE GENERATOR” story,I went a step further to interview the CEO of CALTEC LIMITED, the BIGGEST GENERATOR IMPORTER IN ONITSHA ,His products are 100% ITALIAN MACHINES and with WARRANTY .

I got involved because from the beginning or the making of the present Government ,we all were involved ,we gave our time ,strength ,money ,ideas and sleepless nights just to make it happen ,to the glory of GOD the quest that seemed to be a mirage ,the quest of having ANAMBRA NORTH producing a Governor to balance the lopsided Governance since inception were addressed for good became a reality.

We beat out chest and shouted we did it ,but before we were able to stretch our political frayed nerves ,before we were able to catch up on the missed sleep, before we get to finish HIFIVING for a feat performed ,we discovered that –WE HAVE BEEN LABEL TRAITOR,DOG and with a big TAG that says hunt them down and out .That reminds me of the cry of a Chicken ,a kite swooped down and took a chick out of the chicks ,the mother cried so much ,wept and agonized and later the chicken said that all she did was not for the Kite to drop the chick but for the world to hear her and posterity to be the judge.

Joe martins Uzodike was the DG of the CAMPAIGN that produced the present Government ,from the handover till today ,he has never had any thank you from the Government ,after all an igbo saying provides “Eto dike na nke omelu,omekwa ozo” ,Joe Martins case is similar to that of FMR GOVERNOR PETER OBI who did the most impossible ,who paid the most price ,who stepped on strong TOES just to move governance to the NORTH ,but I digress maka na ubochi nta ,anyi ejebe na ofia UMULERI.

ABS used Chief Joe Martins Uzodike ,Dike di ora Nma ,Dike Udo for it,s morning breakfast ,they tried everything under the earth to bury him with the voice of the same Government he brought to power ,do not forget that ABS were also used to ridicule the Fmr Governor who slept on his feet just to make sure that GOV OBIANO became Governor and it became reality .ABS were used a movie producing unit ,but they only produce movies against PETER OBI

So ABS has become the instrument of CALUMNY in the hands of the Government. They ran a calumnious episode ,said so many unprintable and gigantic lies against Joe Martins but only one were directed as embezzlement and that is the area of focus. Yesterday I have written a response from Joe Martins Uzodike and today ,I am bringing the response from the CEO OF CALTEC GENERATORS in reaction to the on going PULL JOE MARTINS UZODIKE DOWN .

I called the CEO after Texting him a synopsis of my call ,then he was calm ,furious and to the point ,he said and I quote

“I sold 2 ITALIAN Gen sets to ABS ,not to Joe Martins Uzodike. Until Now ABS has never informed us that there was a problem with the Gen sets,the Gen sets has serial numbers which if they want they can verify from the Italian manufacturer on the authentic nature . For ABS to run an editorial with our product which we know is of the best grade and quality ,for them to run a smearing editorial about it is regrettable. Before the present purchase ,we have sold to them a 100 KVA Generator ,so it is not as if this is the first time we are dealing with them. They should please for goodness sake spare CALTEC any of this political MUD SLINGING..i will write to ABS on this within the week ,I am not happy at all”end of quote..

Now back to my commentary ,some of the Governor,s advisers ,SSA are not helping the Man at all ,instead they preferred to instigate hatred and enemity for him all over the place.

It is not a good thing that under one year of a Brand new Government that they are at War with the same people that brought them in ,not as if the people are demanding for anything or asking for financial ,position inducement ,but a war that has no provocation.

I will conclude with my Old man,s saying “obu ukwua ka nama ka eji je Umuahia ?” [is it this stride that the cow will take and get to Umuahia ?].

2017 is not that far away and I will be glad that we have a continuity but a man from NIMO ka asi na onwero ife oga eme na church ,he simply pull down his trousers and deposit a big feces and with that I am off but on.

Have a great morning as we move on toward the weekend.

Mazi Odera
Truth is our standard,accept it in good faith or

we shove it down your throat.The Choice is yours.

I am off but on

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