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BIGHT OF BIAFRA: BNYL to move a Resolution.

By African Voice
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A Socio-Cultural Activist Organization
Biafra National Youth League an Eastern Nigeria based Organization which has it members drawn from across the various ethnics, and regions within the Bight of Biafra, have announced plans at its General Assembly to move a Resolution for Youths with Biafra biological origin whose Fundamental Human Rights were breached on the occasion in which they were forcefully merged with other foreign nations, which in turn forced upon them to denounce their natural identity.

Examples of these Sovereign Nations are; Nigeria (with Biafrans located in the Eastern part and sub divided into South East, South south geopolitical Zone) , Cameroon (Southern Cameroon), Equatorial Guinea and Gabon (North West), all these geographical regions lie within the Bight of Biafra along the Gulf of Guinea.

Biafrans in present Nigeria are demanding an Independent State of Biafra. After three years of Civil war, Biafrans in Cameroon are also threatening to pull out as the Southern Cameroon Republic, it is only in Equatorial Guinea where all it's citizens are Biafrans by indigenous identity.

Most Africans with Biafra biological origin are forced to relinquish their indigenous identity after forcefully merges of native nations and populations by Colonial powers, to form artificial Nation with non Biafrans especially those of Nigeria and Cameroon controlled by the Muslims of the North.

The Fulani herdsmen have continued to invade Biafra regions in Nigeria and Cameroon to attack all ethnic nationals indigenous to the Oil rich Bight of Biafra. It is with this that the members of the Patriotic Biafra National Youth League representing youths with Biafra biological origin along the Gulf of Guinea have resolved to move a strong Resolution to defend and protect the supreme interest of all the inhabitants of the Bight of Biafra, and those especially in the artificial countries such as Nigeria and Cameroon where Biafrans are treated as minor and second class citizens.

The Biafra National Youth League was started by the Biafrans in Nigeria on 3rd August 2013, until it gradually expanded it's membership to Cameroonians with Biafra biological origin.

The President General of the Organization Comrade Obuka Chimezie however maintained that the Resolution will be known as the "Ikom Declaration" since its planning committee settled for Ikom in South South Nigeria.

Ikom is a Local District/Government in Cross River State bordering Western Cameroon in its Southern part.

According to the BNYL President the Organization shall operate peacefully and pursue it's major objectives in a non violence way, and will continue to focus on cultural activism for the interest of Biafra.

He has also promised that BNYL will continue to render its support to all Biafrans seeking to pull out and especially in Nigeria where Biafrans are struggling to opt out from the current State in other to establish an Independent and Sovereign Biafra State, which may be taken as the Headquarter of the Bight of Biafra which lies in Bonny, South South Nigeria.

It will not only be a home for Biafrans in the Eastern Coast now regarded as part of Nigeria but it will be a home for all the inhabitants of the Bight of Biafra where they can come and discuss the way forward for Biafrans scattered all over the world.

Biafra is the only hope Africa has to restore peace in the continent as largest indigenous People in Africa