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By Ohanele Casca
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Imo State in the past few weeks has been enveloped by uncertain political cloud. It has been stock taking by political actors and their hangers-on. Those who betrayed their allies and associates have also been caught up in shame. Those who under-rated their opponents today are licking their wounds. From every dimension, there have been some regrets, celebrations, weeping and betrayal which have pushed suspicion among party men and women to the highest point ahead of the gubernatorial re-run election in Imo State.

Many people have asked, what actually went wrong? Why Imo election was declared inconclusive? Why didn’t INEC declare Ihedioha as winner? Why did INEC refuse to declare Okorocha Winner since he claimed he won in 20 LGAs out of the 27 LGAs in Imo State? Why this, why that?

The answers to all the questions asked and the ones that were not asked are not farfetched. Imo State election was marred by a lot of irregularities. Cases of the incumbent governor using fake soldiers and police to snatch ballot boxes and electoral materials abound. Cases of submitting fake results written on Northern meant results sheets serial number by Governor Okorocha and some members of his cabinet was discovered and reported to INEC. Okorocha and his electoral process manipulation team entered some Ihedioha‘s catchment areas and disrupted the process with the intension to make Ihedioha loose votes.

As one legal luminary, Barr. Enyinna Onuegbu, clearly puts it, justice is for the vigilant. All the Okorocha’s gimmicks were discovered by the vigilant Ihedioha and his team and they reacted on time by notifying INEC with concrete evidence that the APC and Okorocha in their desperation to steal the mandate of Imolites for Ihedioha, have played against the rules. INEC had no option than to suspend further announcement of results which were already manipulated by Okorocha.

Today Imo people know better. But one thing the people must be proud of is that they have a person of proven ability to govern Imo and rebuild it to an enviable position and stop my family, my family kind of governance in the state. Imo today has a man with great capacity who can defend the peoples’ mandate. Ihedioha has shown his maturity, strength, vision and fighting spirit. The developing scenario in Imo State is an indication that darkness represented by Okorocha, the out-going governor cannot over shadow light-represented by Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. People should discard mainstream talk about Imo going APC. Recall Mbakwe did well from the opposition and Ihedioha will make Imo proud if given the mandate.

As the people are set to demonstrate their preference for Ihedioha to govern Imo State come may 29th 2015, on Saturday during the re-run elections, I make bold to say that Ihedioha has not only demonstrated capacity but has set a clear road map on how to rebuild Imo. This was contained in his manifesto that will give attention to qualitative free Education, free health care for children and the aged, employment and wealth creation, industrialization, supremacy of the rule of law, justice and public cooperation for a sustainable economy. What kind of leadership is good for our people if not a man whose word is his bond? What kind of man is good for Imo State is he not a man who listens, thinks and can deliver the dividends of democracy? Ihedioha has got these qualities which differentiate him from the present governor whose words are like passing breeze.

Imo people have made a choice to vote out Rochas Okorocha and give Ihedioha their mandate. No amount of election rigging can save Okorocha. No amount of fake police and security agents will save him from being disgraced at the polls. I therefore call on Imolites to come out enmasse on Saturday in the affected areas to vote for Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha of the PDP as the next governor of Imo State. People should protect their votes and those who collect money to betray PDP should desist.

Emeka will make Imo proud. Should Okorocha manipulate the process to his favour, then Imo people are in for slavery. We can no longer afford squandamania, we can no more afford familiocracy in Imo. We can no longer live on fake promises with substandard roads scattered all over the state. We can no longer afford a situation where one man is the governor, the chief accountant of the state, treasurer and expenditure. We can no longer support Papa, Mama, pikin, in-law and brother system of government in Imo State. Our LGA administration must be activated for quicker grassroots development. If the indices of good governance which Ihedioha portends for Imo state is not guaranteed, then my continuous stay in Imo State will be readdressed.

To all Imolites, lovers of our democracy, people who believe in due process and rule of law, do not despair. We shall overcome. Rev. Fr. Mbaka did predict that Okorocha will not rule Imo again. He noted that Emeka Ihedioha will be governor of Imo State come May 29th 2015 but that he will face many challenges to get to that seat.

Many other men and women of God prophesied that God has given Imo State Ihedioha to rebuild the Eastern Heartland. No amount of clandestine moves can stop the will of God. I stand on that prophesy. Ihedioha is the most prepared to govern Imo State. The betrayals by some people are God’s own way of exposing those who can no longer be trusted to serve the people. The challenges which the inconclusive election of Imo State has provided will help to separate the grains from the chaffs.

Come May 29th 2015, Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha will be governor of Imo State or I will proceed on an exile because I cannot bear the sight of deception again in Imo. Yes, I will elope as I will never submit to treachery, falsehood, sub-standard roads and visionless leadership. As a journalist, I can no longer ply my trade in an atmosphere of false hope to the people, lawlessness, lack of respect for rule of law, destruction of Local government administration, lack of respect for the traditional institutions and familiocracy.

Yes, if Ihedioha is not governor I will go on exile. But will Imolites make the mistake they made in 2011, by voting back Rochas Okorocha? No! I believe that all our people are wiser. The purported votes allotted to APC and Okorocha across Imo state are manipulated figures to deceive the public. He lost in Ideato, Orlu, Oru East and West, Okigwe zone, Mbaitoli, Ikeduru, Owerri, Federal constituency and Ndi Imo will soon know when his crime is exposed. Do not despair Ndi- Imo, Ihedioha will be governor of Imo State or I go on exile. To those who betrayed the trust reposed in them, Saturday re-run election is an opportunity to correct their wrong. Thank God the man in INEC who assisted Okorocha manipulate results has been arrested with his accomplices. Imo is for us all.

By Ohanele Casca -08134192508

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