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Barnabas Ioerver: One year on…
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Spinecare Hospital,
Unity Drive, Beside Kurgan Estate
Phase III, Gwagwalada,
7th April 2015.
Ordinary Ahmed Isa,
Berekete Family, Love FM 104.5
Mpape, Abuja
Dear Sir,
RE: Barnabas Ioerver: One year on…

I sent you the greeting of peace and I hope you will read this letter to Nigerians exactly 1year one week today that Mr. Barnabas Ioerver’s travail began. I also want to remind you to inform the Commissioner (Abuja), Public Complaints Commission to bury his head in shame due to his impartial and lies that he fed Nigerians with, about Mr. Barnabas Ioever's condition.

1. Mr. Barnabas Ioerver had spinal cord injury following a road traffic injury 2014 with back pain, difficulty passing faeces and loss of penile erection.

2. I offered to operate Mr. Barnabas Ioerver at University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada but was stopped by the hospital management led by Dr. Peter Alabi.

3. He was eventually brought back to the hospital after intervention by the Berekete Family and was managed by the Chief Medical Director, University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada Dr. Peter Alabi who is neither qualify nor competent to do so.

4. Mr. Barnabas Ioever has neither been able to pass faeces nor have erection since his purported treatment by the Chief Medical Director, University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada Dr. Peter Alabi one year on.

5. Mr. Barnabas was denied surgery that would have helped improve the quality of his live by the management of the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada led by Dr. Peter Alabi.

6. I was deliberately single out for embarrassment by the management of University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada to cover this unfortunate episode and in extension was an opportunity to deal with me because I have been in constant conflict with the Chief Medical Director, Dr. Peter Alabi for stealing, over-invoicing and conspiracy to commit theft of the hospital fund.

7. I was eventually sacked by the management of the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada.

8. I humbly tell my story so that Nigerians will understand what was behind Barnabas Ioever’s travail.

9. I was an acting Head of the department of Orthopaedics when I discovered over-invoicing by the then Theatre Manager, Mr. Samsel who has been using his position as the secretary of the theatre users’ committee to inflate price of orthopaedics equipment and implants and corruptly enriching himself.

10. I reported my findings to the Chief Medical Director, Dr. Peter Alabi who called a meeting of the orthopaedic surgeons and the theatre users’ committee head. It was in this meeting that he boldly stated that what I saw were typing errors and that we should not “wash our dirty linen” in public.

11. This event led to the theatre manager getting the theatre staff to begin to frustrate my surgeries which culminated in the cancellation of Barnabas Ioerver’s surgery.

12. As the acting Head of department, I wrote a minority report on the purchase of fluoroscopy machine Serial No: 015/11/00091 in 2011 by the chief medical director Dr. Peter Alabi at the cost of N18.9million for my department indicting him of theft.

13. This machine was bought without tender. It was a refurbished, freshly painted C-Arm machine, without operating manual and no supporting peripherals. This refurbished machine cost only N1.5million in Lagos and the new one cost N8million only. I boldly claim that Dr. Peter Alabi stole N17.4million from this purchase and supply equipment that has not given us value for its price.

14. It was during this crisis that a patient Mr. Gboyega Popoola that I operated on for spinal disorder but co-managed with the physician died after surgery. The patient relatives decided on a court action and in-order to pin it on me and exonerate the hospital management under Dr. Peter Alabi, for carelessness, deliberate sabotage of clinical protocol and out-right negligence, the hospital record of the patient was altered, deliberately falsified and pages were expunged.Let them bring out this case note of Mr. Popoola Gboyega and I will show the world where the alterations were and even the cause of death!

15. The hospital management settled out of court when one of the staff refused to lie against me.

16. It was in this ambit that Mr. Barnabas Ioever’s cancellation of surgery can be situated and fully understand.

17. At the height of this issue, Dr. Peter Alabi deliberately made false accusation about me to the station officer of the State Security Service in Gwagwalada, Mr. Orija. Dr. Peter Alabi claimed I called him and threatened him with death.

18. I was arrested and threatened with kidnap of my family by Mr. Orija of the SSS Gwagwalada who told me that I can never bring down the Chief Medical Director. He also informed me he will prove that I am also a thief that I have been collecting money from my patients by arranging patients to come to testify against me if I continue to leak the secret of the Chief Medical Director, Dr. Peter Alabi

19. The Chairman Board of the hospital also called me and threatened that if I continue to leak the hospital’s mismanagement, he will use his influence to sack me and ensure that I do not get any job in Nigeria again.

20. I was also lucky to be alive when the 10 bolts of my front tires were deliberately loosen and the tires came off simultaneously on motion. I have packed my car in-front of my office at University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada all day before this incident.

21. On the 8th April 2015 (TODAY), I am to appear at Independent Corrupt Practice Commission to answer to the petition of Mr. Barnabas who wrote that he cannot pass faeces, in constant pains and does not have erection! I am surprised to learn this after the Commissioner (Abuja), public complaints commission who became the spokeman for Dr. Peter Alabi and claimed on your programme that Mr. Barnabas Ioerver had been cured. I hope he will bold to say this in a competent court where I would challenge his lies and impunity.

22. I will pursue this claim to a logical conclusion and I hope Nigerians will understand that there are still young people who are not afraid to take on corrupt people in places of authority.

Thanks & Regards.

Tel: +234-80-34096417