Restructuring Apga On A Tuesday Report Card

Peter Obi and Obiano together
Peter Obi and Obiano together

Good Morning His Excellency Governor Willie Obiano ,the Executive Governor of Anambra state.

Sir,I come again ,a report to duty and this morning I bring to you with my usual way ,a way that is peculiar to me and me alone ,my REPORT CARD ,I want to be honest again as usual with you on a way that will help you to enjoy bit of peace in the state.

Sir,I know you inherited a fractioned APGA from your predecessor ,there was a FACTION that were authentically enthroned on APRIL 8 2013 headed by BAR MAXI OKWU with over 24 members of the party HUNCHO/NWC and the one that bought judgment from Appeal court headed and managed by only one Man SIR VICTOR UMEH without any executive ,but that is discussion for another day.

I tried everything under the Sun as appeal to both you and your predecessor to reconcile this quagmire after the election ,but both of you bu nmanwu na eti onwe ya , in politics there are lots of sacrifices one has to do to be equipped with solution solving formula .Politics is like marriage ,sometimes you eat what you don,t like with a straight face and shout –so sweet ,WHEREAS you are thinking of the next pharmacy maka ogwu afo ,if you refuse to do such ,then you are planting seed of discord and confusion ,same way we say yes to what ordinarily we will say no to ,but for sake of family peace we swallow those bad and bitter pills ,same is with politics .

As you can see ,as we speak APGA is still in court and since you were made BOT CHAIRMAN and APGA leader ,you have not met with the foundation members of APGA ,you,ve not met with the aggrieved members of the Party ,you,ve not met with the MAXI LED FACTION and my old man will say “onye oku na agba be ya adiro achu oke” [a man whose house in on fire ,does not have the privilege of rat hunting] .

APGA as a party is dying slowly and steady ,you may not like it but the truth is that it is men like me that will tell you eziokwu ana kuro mmiri .The Decline did not start with you because the house was divided and the center refused to hold ,then the problem was that you inherited a factionalized house and refused to fix it ,you went to War with it and you see how black and blue the beaten was ?

My Governor ,I am not here to blame you or blame Okwute for the amputated position of APGA but to suggest a way forward. After all my Mum will always say “Osita di nma ,odi bara gboo”

APGA is due for a revival ,you cannot get APGA back on it,s wheel with the present attitude ,you have to have the soul of all former APGA members ,especially those that are in courts ,those that felt aggrieved ,those VICTOR UMEH disenfranchised with his PARTY TICKETS ,those he chased away with high handedness ,bring them together ,have a RE-UNION OF APGA but first a revival meeting of APGA with all the above ,let them meet ,let them stew , steam, speak in tongues ,throw curses left ,right ,front and back but after they must have finished venting ,try and let them have a big understanding ,let them shake hands ,hug and shout APGA with one voice…that will be the beginning of a new dawn,but do not forget that BROWN ENVELOPE MUST BE INVOLVE .

How will this help you as a Governor ? well ,it will give you peace of heart, a stable party and a voice but that is primary part .

In 2 years time you will be lobbying for a second tenure as the Governor ,but candid speaking ,if you venture into election with this factions and enemies here and there ,I bet you that you will place a distant 3rdposition .

Sir, I read through social media from one of your SSA who is always on mask that you are considering making UBANESE the Chairman of APGA ,waooooooooooooo I laughed in greek ,then changed my laughter to Swahili and then it dawn on me that it me be serious .

Sir ,biko ejim chukwu rio gi ,my old man will say “ana agwo nsi odo anya,adiro etinye ya ose” [when doctors are mixing drugs for level headedness ,they do not experiment with HOT PEPPER] ,what we need now in APGA is somebody outside ANAMBRA STATE to give APGA a flair ,any other thing will reduce it to ANAMBRA affairs, plus there people that should stay far away from the corridors of APGA for now .

OFFSIDE –Sir,I wish you to end well as the Governor ,if not for anything ,so that all the effort we put in marketing you will not be in vain ,so that it won,t be a regret that ANAMBRA NORTH produced a Governor and it became apology ,I am sure that if it happen that way ,the state I know will consign the entire ANAMBRA NORTH to same page where they kept IHIALA .

I plead with you as the election has come and gone ,the war is over ,the fire work buried ,it is time to chart a new course.

I know that my suggestions atimes looks like mirage but the gospel truth is that I speak with acute love that is always the proper solution and no one that followed my advise and regretted it…Sir,pick up your PHONE and start calling the WINNERS of the election ,that does,nt mean that any body who wants to head to Tribunal will not do so ,but as the Governor ,you have to be on same page with all the products of the state ,party not withstanding . Call and congratulate this people because like it or not ,you will need them and their services tomorrow and even if you do not need them ,what have you to lose ?

Try and amend all the bridges you burned in the process ,there is something I learnt in politics ,there is no permanent enemy but everlasting interest .

SIGNING OFF – You single handedly made 26 members of ANAMBRA HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY ,I will say Congratulations ,but Sir,do not forget that what we sow we must reap ,the man that made you the same way you made this people ,have you been fair to him ? do you expect this 26 men to be fair to you ? if yes ,then do what you have to do ,so that the laws of KARMA will look kindly at you and avert the 26 KARMAS that will come from the MEN you made .

Thanks as I go off as usual ,until next TUESDAY

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