We know that Anambra is the center of activities ,we also know it well that we set the stage for National election and tempo of South east Politics ,we are the selling points but ,this 2015 Election in Anambra state is something new ,something with lot,s of intrigue and something we must have to remember maka echi.

Prior to this election ,the Tomb Raider or call him the Long Red Cap went about charging like a bull ,boasting on how he is going to cut PETER OBI and Iyom Uche Ekwunife a new one, after all he has the ears and wallet of the Governor who he ride like HIRED BICYCLE . No expense spared ,no dirty game were sacrosanct ,no VIDEO were spared ,no smear game were considered too kindergarten to be used .

The Political movement of IYOM EKWUNIFE who contested the ANAMBRA CENTRAL SENATORIAL with the LRC were restricted ,Markets were forced to shut their doors against her ,especially the day she made MGBUKA OBOSI to stand still from Morning till night and chanted her glory till dusk ,that was the day the TOMB RAIDER ran to Ikembas grave for the 9th time to cry and beg the spirit of whosoever that was in that Tomb not to allow a woman beat him. After that Grave yard dance ,then a mid night visit to state house and it was resolved that 7 members of the house of assembly must seat within the un- hour and pass a Law that will make Ekwunife not to move about the state in any campaign vehicle or wear any branded dress [unless Obituary printed] ,well the law breakers made such law but the problem was that none of them read the minute of the last meeting to know that onye fa na agbara afa ka fa buru dibia [The person they are soothsaying for is a better SOOTHSAYER ] ,she is a National Legislator ,meaning that her office supersede that of the local champions and also the Law those kids signed at state level is under INEC code and INEC is a Federal institution higher than that of any state ,but since the state fund was used to buy the heads of the 7 puppets they did the dance of the shame ,but I digress

Moving on ,the election into the Senate were tense ,hotly contested ,especially when the state Government waged a full scale war against the KING MAKER that brought in the Government ,for crime nobody know about ,from the inception of the state Government he has waged a serious War against the Man that made him ,but now we can see clearly ,visit

Not only did the Oracle beat those that are pursuing him silly ,he made mince meat of them ,he showed them why he is the face of NDI IGBO . Then the joy on the faces of Ndi APGA was that IYOM UCHE EKWUNIFE ,the LADY WITH A MIDAS TOUCH beat the LONG RED CAP off the head of the TOMB RAIDER who has been the problem of the party ,she won the election even in the Ward of the Tomb raider and the shock of that defeat send the Man into shock and hospital and most likely into oblivion .

Today ,we are not looking at the previous beating but at the STATE ASSEMBLY ELECTION ,the state brought in bountiful of hoodlums into the state to help and tilt the election in her favor ,the same people we toasted as been chased out of the state .

We should remember the saying from my old man which says and I provide “oburo ikunye enwe mmiri bu isiokwu ,obu inataya iko ejiri kunye ya mmiri” [giving a Monkey water with a cup is not a problem but getting back the cup after drinking the water]. This hoodlums are not easy to get rid off and the worst is ,this ones came in on official capacity ,Borno state under Sherakau brought in hoodlums and they delivered election for him and what happened ? they refused to down arms and metamorphosed into the current BOKO HARAM .My fear is that my state erego Adaka ma zuta enwe .Moving on..

The concluded STATE ASSEMBLY ELECTION that was held on the 18th was just a muscle flexing moment ,when the state redeployed over 1,000 POLICMEN to ANIOCHA WARD 1 AND 2 ,simple because that was the Senatorial ground where SIR PETER OBI AND IYOM EKWUNIFE hail from and where they beat LRC black and blue ,so the state centered more than 1,000 MOPOL lead by MOPOL COMMANDER himself ,then enough Thugs for intimidation ,the above act was un-necessary, but the state house wants to prove that he can beat this great Son and daughter at their own home, but goodness me ,they beat him again with all the Money he spent ,all the man power brought in ,all the intimidations and yet ANIOCHA 1 AND 2 were swept with clean broom in favor of the ORACLE AND ORAMADIKE BY CHOICE “IYOM” ,well just to add some Flavor to it PDP also took Ekwusigo Even though we can say that with the complete emasculation of APGA from NATIONAL POLITICS and reduced them to Local Champion ,that we need a brand new vibrant hands to revive the party .

My reaction ,this is not time to pop Champagne or smile with a swagger ,this is the time to ask ourselves ,how did we get to this stage ?

I can say it like I started saying from day one and the e RATS keep spitting around me ,our state is moving toward a very bad direction ,initially I know that it was the counsel of the LRC but this time ,I do not know who to give the gory credit . In about 6 months time ,we cannot afford to pay salaries ,unless we saw a Miracle ,the fund we wasted during this election is enough to finish most of the abandoned projects and with that ,the Governor will have something to flaunt during his Re-election bid but with the money down the drain ,with the infusion of Thugs into our peaceful state ,I am sure that soon we will be answering OBU CHUKWU KA ODI NA AKA [WE ARE IN GODS HAND FOR RESCUE] .

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