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Apc Usa Kick Against Pdps Plot To Change Nigeria Democracy Handover Date From May 29th

By All Progressives Congress USA
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It has come to our notice that Senator Patricia Akwashiki, the Minister of Information, has made an unacceptable announcement. She stated that “President Jonathan would perform the handover ceremony at a dinner on May 28th after Wednesday's Federal Executive Council meeting. Published by Punch Newspaper dated April 18, 2015 by May 28th, the President intends to have the formal handover done at a dinner so that we can reserve May 29TH for the incoming government.” This is another swift move indulged in by the outgoing PDP administration to change constitutionally agreed handover date; May 29th traditional date in existence since 1999 and for 16 years.

If you recall, PDP did the same, as such: bought time, postponed the recently completed polls, used well-meaning Nigerians to manipulate and rig the elections, wasted international poll observers' time, and frustrated peace loving Nigerians. Thus, making Nigeria a laughing stock in the face of the earth for non-adherence to plan. If this is not a calculated effort to do something strange, why the sudden change? Moreover, this is not about handing over to PDP but to APC, the need to follow due process and consider others in decision making. Why was APC not involved when such decision were conceived? Again, this would have shown the world PDP's open door policy and exhibition of good governance.

Nigerians this is unbearable, closely followed PDPs 16 year's tenure and polls history, regrettably PDP is full of games and now plotting to soil the effort of Nigerians who enthusiastically voted for change at recent polls, and excitedly waiting for chieftains to take over office. Meanwhile, we understand: PDP is cooking books, reconciling figures, lobbying for immunity, amnesty and transferring funds to hidden locations, hence PDP should know by now that APC and Nigerians are aware of all its deceits; this is not limited to sudden change in handover. You know what, PDP it's time to step aside, step out and we bid you goodbye, but hang around for the wrought of the law, for gross mismanagement and brutal killings.

In our discussions with Director General Diaspora - Buhari/APC Campaign Organization and Member Fund Raising Committee, Professor Isa Odidi, while in Dubai heading for Canada vehemently condemned any attempt to scuffle May 29th inaugural ceremony is an attempt to deprived APC smooth transitional handover. Prof Odidi vows to go to anything length, advocate for stringent measures, not limited to seeking legal redress in this matter. He added, PDP should not be taken for granted even as their tenure expires shortly. He also reiterated APC USA International Secretariat, APC Diaspora Canada, and all Nigerians Abroad will uncover PDPs transitional agendas, and diaspora cannot wait to attend May 29th Inaugural Ceremony to echo their undivided - unanimous support for General Muhammadu Buhari and Prof Yemi Osinbajo.

It is obligatory to remind PDP, May 29th handover is not only a Nigerian affair, but a world affair; history has shown at such handovers, the willingness of interest groups from around the world, including high and mighty, and friends of Nigeria are coming from all over the world to attend this memorable ceremony and first of its Kind for incumbent to give in freely in Africa. It is about time for PDP to stop “Africa Time” and adhere to May 29th constitutional handover date.

Should anything happens at this purported change, we ask the international community and stakeholders to direct fingers at The President like the Yoruba Obas in Osun State pointed fire woods at him, while seeking re-election, all to no avail.

Francis John, 816.359.8527
Executive President
APC USA International Secretariat