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Letter To The Chief Servant Dr. Mu'azu Babangida Aliyu, CON Talban Minna Executive Governor Niger State

By Adamu Mamman Kontagora
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My Dear Sir,
Let me start with the Quote of Williams Faulkner, an American writer and Nobel Prize Laureate that says; “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty, truth and compassion against injustice, lying and greed”. He further said, “If people all over the world would do this, it will change the earth”.

Sorry Sir, I didn't start with greetings as I know you to enjoy being positioned bigger than an elephant because you revere that.

How are you and the entire? I am optimistic things are certainly NOT well with you.

A quick look at the following;
Governorship Election Result
APC = 301
PDP = 205
Please read it and don't pretend like the Rivers Professor, the collation officer.

Sir, in case you may pretend not to remember these figures, it is the result of April 11th, 2015 gubernatorial election in a polling unit at Peter Sarki, a unit right in front of your residence, where you voted. Permit me to hang up here. I will revisit the subject of the result later.

My dear Sir, recall I wrote an open letter (the first) to you many months back, precisely 30th November, 2014. In that letter, I confessed sincerely that, I have never written an open letter to anyone. What necessitated or attracted me to write was the situation I saw you dragging yourself and the state into that potentially amounted to a very serious mess and because of the love I have for you, then, I decided to, as a concerned citizen; carefully draw your attention to.

The Mess ! Sir, that very likely at the expiration of your second term of four years, You in one of the weekends, you claimed to have undertaken an ISTIHARA on who should succeed you and in that ISTIHARA you were shown, according to your wish, who your successor would be, in fact you further claimed, the type and kind of person that was described to you; YOUNG and FAIR in complexion. It was based on that you began to prepare. Initially, I never believed you would merge your political permutations with such spiritual analysis, until I heard you in one of the most popular Hausa foreign media ranting which I had to quickly summon the courage and write to you.

In that my letter Sir, I said to you, suppose you correctly had the ISTIHARA, I am confident you were show not only who would not take over from you but one that would not be Governor of Niger State.

Refer back to that letter and reflect on the two cases I brought to you then; I made it clear to you sir, in Nigeria there are few states that a Governor cannot bring his successor successfully and I told you, I may not guess the few, but I know Niger State, the state you Governed is one of the few and I simply demonstrated two scenarios for you to see then,

Permit me to now show you how the two scenarios mentioned in my letter relate to your present predicament. Here we go;

My Case 1 of 30th November, 2014
On this case I tried to let you know of Col. Lawan Gwadabe, a fantastic and fine Military Officer, those that know him in the military and those that read about his military records will definitely attest to that. In Niger State Sir, it's an obvious fact, he was one of the most popular and performing Governors the state had. But when the half gauge transition of Gen IBB came 1990/ 91 Col Godabe was trying to anoint someone else overlooking his bosses who had to ask him to hold on, but he went ahead by proving “MUGABE” to the power that be, in the end he lost out. Recall I mentioned to you Sir, the man ended up handing over to a Commissioner he joyfully sacked: DR. MUSA M. INUWA of blessed memory. Then Col. Gwadabe was forced to handover to the man he never expected to in January 1992. The ceremony that almost ended up in FIASCO at Minna town ship stadium as the Governor refused to appear at the ceremonial ground.

Today Sir, I don't know if you realized the situation, is the same with you. Come 29th May, 2015, probably in the same stadium or any venue of your choice, you will equally hand over to one of your former Commissioners who left your government unceremoniously barely 9 months after serving you.

Abubakar Sani Bello was a Commissioner in your Cabinet, who eventually opted out because you were insultive to his parents. Whatever the situation was, that led Abubakar Sani Bello's exit from your Cabinet left so many in the dark, but your later utterances after the man left, particularly when you attended a ceremony in Kontagora sometimes, you were quoted at that occasion saying “those retired military men, that felt they can use their money to buy position of Governor for their children”… “it cannot happen and you are watching them closely”. You said. Now,It has indeed happened. What will you do? Or what can you do? Sink deep into the earth or run out of the country or organize a miniature coup de tat specific to Niger State.

As at that time, it was only Abubakar Sani Bello that belongs to that category that was in the Governorship race, therefore it was simple to indentify that your statement goes to him and easily, to understand sir, the man exited from your Cabinet as a Commissioner with bitterness and sour relationship. And that your statement in Kontagora displayed your usual arrogant nature that is always flavored with erroneous belief that you can insult anybody or say anything nasty and get away with it, fortunately for you, it was confirmed you left the town that very evening, the situation created serious rancor which till today you remain a target just as you made similar statement on the youth of Kontagora describing them as �an Iska at the advent of your administration because of their reactions to the open robbery by the government of your predecessor in the days of the PRP. As earlier mentioned, come 29th May, 2015 you have no option but hand over to this Gentleman.

This is a man that overwhelmingly defeated the anointed, sorry, your anointed candidate, in one of the election that both local and international observers rated as most credible, free and fair.

Coming back to Col. Lawan Gwadabe, shortly after the incidence Sir, till today no much of him is been heard, the man remained behind the scene, one rarely hears of him anymore. My concern is, hope not this kind of situation will happen to you even though I know you will make effort to make so much noise as you are known to be such but the Buhari anticorruption fight will surely silence you for a very long time to come.

My Case 2 of My Letter of 30th November, 2014.
This is the case of Engr. Abdulkadir Kure. I explained to you how Kure was nice then in his early coming in 1999. I highlighted in that letter Sir, the man appears to be humble leader. Kure used to be challenged openly by this group and at times with insults, the man at times responds with anger, he however tries reconciliation. But as soon as he dabbled in to your type of nonsense of anointing of candidate, he saw the other sides of people similar to what you are seeing now. I may not exaggerate if I say, yours is the worst given the way both you and the PDP finally perished completely under your discourteous leadership.

- Today KURE lost his fantastic friends so also you would ultimately do so.

- KURE has lost relevance ever since it became clear to the people of the State and his political zone in particular that all he is concerned with is either his wife or himself. He lost his bid to secure his wife the 3rd tenure in the Senate.

- So also you lost a first bid.
Sir, but you know after KURE left, at a stage he was looking for what to do, they eventually managed to make him the Board Chairman of FERMA, nobody felt any of his impact and he was later, what many consider to be removed and thrown out, the man happened to be the shortest that served FERMA board chairman without performance. For you we don't know what you may look for.

You too lost your fantastic friends, so many indeed, but I may dwell to two;

1) Ahmed Musa Ibeto
2) Engr Mustafa Bello
Ahmed Musa Ibeto your courageous Deputy Governor. I have never interacted with him in my life. I am sure he does not know me either. The man in the view of many, they see him as humble and highly respectful. The man is one of the most loyal and committed deputy Governor among many in Nigeria, despite serving under a Governor that is known all over the State to be very difficult many in your cabinet are in agreement that Ibeto's contributions in that little glorious moment were invaluable.

You frustrated him in many ways and forms, the man suffered ejection here and there. You left him with no option but to defect to APC. Today he is happily in that party and also the party leader in the state by virtue of his current disposition.

Engr. Mustafa Bello is another person that stood firmly behind your success in your two terms. For me at least , one of the greatest personifications of humility and simplicity, a charismatic and consistent personality whom you benefited from his quality, talent and foresight; in 2007 we are informed over N70 Million was generated by him through friends to support your campaign and election and in 2011, again, over N50 million were equally expended in your support to be back in office. However the man backed out when all noticed you are a huge of disappointment.

In my recent flash letter after your sound defeat on your Senatorial contest, I mentioned that people attributed your lost largely to your incompetence and dishonesty. I testified to this, sometimes I was opportune to be in Presidential Contingent to Canada for NIGERIA –CANADA Investment forum in TORONTO. The team sir was led by the Vice President Arch Namadina Sambo, 15 Nigerian Governors, many minister and other top Government functionaries were on board. Few Nigerian presented papers to Canadian business stars, including myself. There we met with one of the Niger Delta Governor and asked me, that by this my name I am from Niger State, he ridiculously ask me if I know you and I said yes, but you don't know me. It was in their discussion which I remain an observer that I heard you are the leading factor of the New PDP and encourage defection and all believed you, which after they moved to APC, you and Sule Lamido of Jigawa refused to go. They suffer humiliations, but today they are on top and you and your friend are in pains.

Finally my dear Sir, the 8 years you ran your Government, you ran it purely a family administration and some other cohorts of yours, an administration that was made of incredibly fiscally irresponsible people that lower you down to mess up the state. Such fiscal irresponsibility displayed by you and those members of your family and friends cannot but make any reasonable and sensible person wonder if they (with you) believe there is tomorrow or you will one day leave!

You and your Anointed candidate failed and I am vindicated and people can now see why I refused to congratulate the person, I knew those that were in a hurry you can see how they are disappointed shortly.

My dear Sir, you have lost out, you know why? Your candidate anointment was conceived in bad faith and therefore unlikely to lead any good for the state. And again I draw your attention Sir; a weak and flawed foundation can hardly, if ever produce a sound superstructure.

At this Juncture Sir, I heard that you congratulated Abubakar Sani Bello the Governor elect. I beg for space in this your letter to congratulate him as my senior friend Abu Lolo is one that for 13 yrs now there is no week that we don't talk.

Sir remember I do always take you with a very high esteem, unfortunately you dropped far below everyone's expectations.

Again my usual highest regards,
Adamu Mamman Kontagora

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