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By Onyekachi Kalu
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Experts and fitness professionals have discovered that some factors have to be followed if their clients and fitness followers wish to achieve more from exercise routines and training. For many people, it is not very easy to get off the couch and exercise, getting fit and maintaining it can be very challenging at times, but with these tips you can achieve a lot more from your exercise routine.

  1. Follow an effective program: it is very possible for you to exercise more than 150 minutes a week and not achieve your fitness goal. The reason is because your fitness achievements or results are tied to the effectiveness of the program you choose to follow. Choose an exercise program that matches your fitness/health needs, make sure that your exercise program is channeled towards tackling your fitness challenge.

2.Be consistent: You can agree with me that if the last athlete in a race doesn't stop half way he will definitely cross the finish line, this instance is applicable to fitness achievement and goals. If your exercise program says, to lose weight cut fatty foods and start walking for 20 minutes every day for one month please follow it that way. Don't stop before the end of the month, if you do so, you will not get the full benefit attached to the program.

3.Always set an achievable goal: Be moderate with you target when it comes to fitness, always aim for less to avoid disappointment. Don't strive for too much results at once, remember the saying “Rome was not built in a day” Don't expect to lose 5kg in a week, give your body more time to adjust to your new way of life.

4.Get the services of a trainer: Fitness trainers are trained professionals that can provide you with adequate motivation needed to help you achieve your fitness aim. You need a fitness trainer especially if you are first getting started, the trainer would be the one to determine the type of exercise you need most. For some people, flexibility or balance and agility may be more important than resistance training or aerobics these are some of the things a trainer would look out for, he will focus on your weaknesses so to improve your overall fitness and balance.