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Post-Elections And Prospects Of Good Government

By Nafiu Babatunde Bolaji
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Good government matters most in a successful democracy, this can be achieved by creating a good Economic Team that puts the spotlight on inputs and outputs of Government, such as the delivery of Services or Innovation and good Policies, which dramatically affect the well-being of citizens positively.

Government leaders need to rethink which aims or values the Nation, State or Community to which they belong should be trying to achieve: is it economic growth, law and order, individual liberty, full employment, trust or perhaps happiness for their citizens? What does Good Government imply in good Democratic era? How can governments become forward-looking and lead the most informed societies of our time?

Good government matters for three main reasons:
First, because the difference between good and bad government can be felt by the citizens as it decisively affects their quality of life.

Second, the citizens are active participants in shaping their governments.

Third, there are drivers of good government and strategies to design a prosperous future.

Government should share proper insights on how the Economic Team and Policies can strengthen Good Government – for example, by enabling greater transparency of Government actions through open data and proper Information Technology, empowering citizens to have more access to services. It should also explores the risks and challenges of an increasing size of the population and proper management of the Resources at its disposal.

If the economy is well managed, there will be Trust in Government, Leadership, Delivery of Services, Political Representation, Anti-Corruption, Bureaucratic Cooperation, Conflict Management and Innovation.

The newly Elected Government should create a Strategic Foresight Team to create scenarios on the future of government. Specifically, the scenarios depict possible contexts within which questions could be asked about the future roles and forms of government. The intent of creating the scenarios might be in twofold: First, to stretch the thinking of council members to assist them in making the toolbox as robust and forward-looking as possible; and second, to facilitate insightful conversations among a range of stakeholders on policy actions needed now to ensure governments are prepared for the future, however it may unfold.

While none of these scenarios were felt, and has been part of the failure of the outgoing Government to build a Post Oil Economy which has done more damage to our Nation, the new government should work towards the possibilities in full or in isolation from the other scenarios, all the scenarios contain some elements of truth. Smart policy-making can ensure that as different variations of these futures unfold, they are contributing to positive gains for society.

We need the best Economic Team regardless of Party Affiliation, Ethnicity and Regional Differences to work with this newly Elected Government so that we can witness a new Nigeria and birth of a prosperous Nation. God bless Nigeria.

Nafiu Babatunde Bolaji

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