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Fr Mbaka- Like Ohakim, Jonathan, Like Okorocha

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The 19th Century British hymnist, J. Ellerton, in his glorious song- The Day Thou Gavest, Lord Is Ended, in Stanza two sang “We thank thee that thy Church unsleeping, While earth rolls onward into light, Through all the world her watch is keeping, And rests not now by day or night.” And in the last stanza sang, “So be it, Lord, thy throne shall never, Like earth’s proud empires, pass away; Thy kingdom stands, and grows for ever, Till all thy creatures own thy sway.”

This melody heralds two messages- The watchman’s duty of the Church and withering away of earthly kingdoms or government, which Christ’s body, the Church never withers. It is this watchman’s duty which has its foundation from the prophetic book of Ezekiel 33, that the Vatican II Council gave lengthy treatise on the Church and the society, and the reason for the Papal encyclical- The Church in the Society. It is the duty of church or religious leaders to intervene or exercise the watchman’s duty in societal politics without biases, when it senses looming dangers lurking by the wellbeing of its people and the society where its physical existence is. It is on this duty too, that many religious leaders have been pilloried when they play the watchman’s interventional role in politics in order to correct anomalies.

Of a truth, many of the present day Church and religious leaders have used this divine mandate to maltreat politicians and their ambitions in several parts of Africa, Nigeria, Igboland and Imo state in particular. In the Congo D R for instance, the late Cardinal Etsou had a tough battle for the wellbeing of les brebis de Dieu (the herds of God) in the Congolese land with the anarchist, Late Mobutu Sese-Seko. Late St (Pope) John Paul II also intervened in Nigerian politics when the lives of the people of God were in serious danger. Cardinal Okogie, Rev Fr (now Bishop) Matthew Kukah, Fr Joseph Odeh, Fr Mbaka, and several other clergies in the Roman Catholic dominion have played same watchman roles in Nigerian politics in their various States and beyond.

The problem with the human factor intermingled with the spiritual leadership roles of these Church leaders in societal politics, is what actually clashes with the civil heads of our society and the spiritual leaders. Similarly, because renowned Church leaders command ominous crowd and respect, many politicians tend to use them for their material political benefits, and there they ere. Sometimes, these men of God are so blunt in their watchman duty that they transgress beyond the transgressed civil leaders they criticise. In other times, and because the present day world clings to prophecy, many spiritual leaders make declarative spiritual statements against top elected political leaders that never come through or are misunderstood by the civil society.

At the dawn of January 2015, Fr Ejike Mbaka of Enugu Catholic Diocese made a new year’s speech- Jonathan, “From Good luck to bad luck” and made certain prophetic declarations on President Jonathan, which implied immediate need for change in his administrativepattern if he means returning, and also that he will be unsuccessful in the presidential elections. The prophetic declaration than political interlope enkindled fire between the pro-Mbakas and the pro-Jonathans, and all the national dailies and local dailies made great sales of the reportage for weeks; even the revered Dr Edmund Ugorji wrote an article on this- “Jonathan: Mbaka’s prophecy will spell death for Igbo presidency, (Midweek Nigeria Newspoint, March 25-26, 2015).

Few weeks ago, the great Guru Maharaja was on air, declaring with finality that President Jonathan has won the 2015 elections, and today we saw how Jonathan has won. Early this month (in the Daily Sun Newspaper), the former Occult Grandmaster now Living in Christ, Prof Iyke Nathan Uzorma made a prophetic declaration and with finality that the presidential elections will hold, free, fair and peaceful and that the nation will never break, but refused to comment on who wins between Jonathan and Buhari. In the first weekend of November 2013, a seer, Prophet Chukwuebuka Aaron of the Jesus Today and Forever Mission, prophesied that the 2015 governorship election in Imo State will not hold and that God revealed to him that by 2015, the Douglas House seat will not be vacant for any election, (See the Nigerian Horn, November 6-7, 2013). In the fourth week of last month, a revered Bishop (Prof David Irefin) of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star made similar declaration in Imo State that both the Nigerian Constitution and the Nigerian government will end after the March 28 presidential election, and be replaced by a theocratic government, (See the National Question, Monday 23-26 March, 2015).

Having these prophesies and many more not mentioned here, on the March and April polls, perhaps it is not yet time to finalise the fake and true prophets or to ascertain if the “true” one were really so or coincidental. However, you can make tentative judgement by yourself. If Fr Mbaka has to be taken by his words, have all his prophecies on politicians come to pass as declared? Did Chimaroke Nnamani’s woes all come to pass? Could one adjudge all his utterances about politics and politicians as prophecies? What did he say then about former Gov Ohakim, did it come to pass in his regime? If it came, was Ohakim truly vindicated during his thanksgiving service at the Adoration Ministry last year after 4 years of sacerdotal calumny, and why didn’t he succeed in his December 2014 party primaries as projected?

Certainly, his declarations on Gov Ohakim happened as he said because it was done in the middle of high-class spiritual expedition, thus Ohakim was won. He has made similar declaration on the outgoing President Jonathan during his pigeon spiritual expedition and Jonathan is out as discovered, which merited him hell and closures of his back accounts in Nigeria. It is obvious that since last year, he has turned his spiritual eyes again to Imo and faced Owelle Rochas Okorocha who is now having it tough in all ramifications in Imo, leaving Enugu (perhaps, a prophet has no value in his homeland).

One would ask, what is it that Fr Mbaka says, are his declarations thought-bewitching statements, God-sent words or postulations of privileged spiritual investigations that to us are prophecies? If the former (thought-bewitching statements) and both Ohakim and Jonathan have fallen by thethought-bewitching sword, then Rochas Okorocha is the next in queue to fall out. If the latter (postulations of privileged spiritual investigations that to us are prophecies) and they have happened as postulated, then Rochas is the next leader leaving the office by the wind of change that APC has blown into Nigerian governance.

In common syllogistic logic, one would place it thus: Fr Mbaka blinked his extraterrestrial eyes on Ohakim, Ohakim lost Imo gubernatorial elections in 2011, Fr Mbaka blinked his extraterrestrial eyes on President Jonathan, Jonathan lost Presidential seat elections in 2015, as Fr Mbaka has blinked his extraterrestrial eyes on Gov Okorocha, Okorocha will lose Imo 2015 gubernatorial elections.

What is blowing now is the wind of change, which Imo since 2007 has not been lucky to have both the president and governor come from same party. In 2007, Yar’Adua was PDP and Ohakim was PPA (then PDP), in 2011 Jonathan was PDP and Okorocha was APGA (then APC); this 2015 Buhari is APC and the Governor is from the UPP (or PDP or APGA) and then will jump into another party, perhaps APC. History is cyclic and often comes as a simulacrum. We sacrificed Ohakim for Jonathan in 2011 (as a sacrificial lamb) and Rochas ousted him, this 2015 we sacrificed the Jonathan for Buhari (as a fat cow votary to unseat the self-made saviour and rescuer of Imolites) and thus Rochas may go. It is evident that history has already come to unfold its hidden form before 2pm Monday 13th April 2015, when Like Ohakim and Jonathan, Rochas may bow to Fr Mbaka’s insightful declarations or will God this time disgrace the prophetic mission?

Government and (both elective and appointive) political positions are like earthly proud empires, they grow, reach a climax and decline or pass away. But God’s kingdom, the church and its leaders as watchdogs placed on the towers of Jerusalem, never withers. No one has attacked the church or touched her clergies and sees the day nice again. It is out of Eden’s garden straight. “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm!” Those that disobeyed have gone- My boss Ohakim, Uncle Jona and this is Rochas’ turn. It is still in God’s omniscient eyes, that fateful day when nemesis went to church in Assumpta Cathedral for gubernatorial debate. Rochas like Ohakim and Jonathan, has disobeyed the “touch not” divine injunction and may reap the reward because “obedience is better than sacrifice!”

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