As Buhari Goes To Aso Village

Without doubt, the victory of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and her presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, at the just concluded Presidential election brings hope and a big relief to a distrust nation and her citizenry. Nonetheless, it is important to point out that the victory and relief may be short-lived if the President-elect allows himself to be entangled in the web of deceits and manipulation by some political jobbers and sycophants the way and manner they held the outgoing president to a spell bound.

The outcome of the presidential election did not come to many of us as a surprise, especially in the light of the generality of dissatisfaction and disenchantment over the squander of the country's fortunes by the People's Democratic (PDP) in the last 16 years, but more particularly under the watch of the outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan. Quite on the contrary, some of us are of the firm belief that if the elections were held as scheduled in February, the margin would have been too wide and embarrassing. But the outgoing President appeared to have stolen victory in defeat through his timely concession of defeat to Muhammadu Buhari. President Goodluck Jonathan, for the first, fred himself from the cabals and hawks around him and took the path of honour. This is the only aspect of the exercise that came to some of us as a surprise and nothing more.

As opined in the opening of this piece, the President-elect must be wary of those factors that made President Goodluck Jonathan became disconnected and distanced from the over twenty two million Nigerian electorates who freely gave him their mandates four years ago. President Goodluck's major problem appears to be his deliberate alienation from the masses and their sufferings as largely represented by some of his policies and actions . Instead he surrounded himself with questionable characters who only told him what he wanted to hear. They used him to satisfy their unbridled gluttony. They pilfered our collective commonwealth at will with reckless abandon. The incoming president must avoid these people like a plague. He must continue to maintain his closeness with the "Talakawas" (the downtrodden) who championed his election victory through his government programmes.

Thankfully, the President-elect is noted for his zero tolerance for graft and indiscipline. He must maintain this attitude throughout his tenure in office. The incoming president must not allow the cacophonies of goodwill messages coming from all manner of people to detract his commitment towards building a corrupt free and safe Nigeria. He must not fall into such dubious and hypocritical gestures meant only to lure him to their traps as usual. These are obvious ditches the President-elect must avoid if he must sustain his electoral fortunes. The interest of Nigerian masses must come first in whatever policy and programme his administration initiates.

Need we also remind the "People's General" that he will soon discover the extent of damage and destruction which the outgoing administration and its cohorts had done to our economy and national pride? But regardless of these, the President-elect must somehow find a way to return the country to the path of glory and growth. And this is where his experience as an ex-Head of State will come to play. He is not new to the system, and so Nigerians expect him to navigate his ways and the country out of this murky water and political cum economic landmine laid by the outgoing leadership.

Going forward, it is equally our collective duty to help the incoming administration succeeds and delivers on its electoral promises. There is no better way to achieve this than through constructive criticisms that will constantly put the incoming administration on its toes. To do otherwise is to drift back to the era of impunity symbolised by the outgoing regime. It is essential too we come to the terms that it is until we completely wrest power from the cabals at all fronts and levels, it is not yet Uhuru.

Okoro Gabriel, Ebonyi State

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