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Women Crave For My Body When They See Me Unclothed- Gideon Okeke

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Tinsel star actor, Gideon Okeke is not one of the regular celebrities that often flaunt their unclothed bodies on social media.

At 32, the TV star believes he has a very sexy body but he doesn't see piercing or tattoo as a necessity.

'I can't not pierce any part of my body. I am an actor. I only have an ear hole which is not so visible. I pierced it myself. It was momentarily painful but I used ice to numb the pain. I admire any other visible piercing and tattoos but I would not do it because of my work.

I cannot have a tattoo because of my work. Also the word of God does not encourage that. Rather than go wrong, I will play it safe," he said.

Talking about his sexy body, Gideon said he used to go the gym everyday seven years ago, but these days, he goes to the gym about three times a month.

"I work out when I need to look buff in a movie or I feel my clothes are getting too big for me.

I just work out when I need to because it is a high maintenance culture.

I worked hard to get the body I have right now. I used to go to the gym daily because I did not have a job and I used to live with my mother back then. All I did was go to the gym, eat and sleep. I really used to work out a lot back then, that's why I don't have to work out as much as I used to do before. Clothes look and feel better when they are fitted; if not, it becomes a tunic."

The actor also told Punch how ladies droll over his body whenever they see him unclothed.

"That is a very bedroom/private situation. The most censored one is that whenever I go to the pool and I take my clothes off, some women are shocked that my body looks that good inside the clothes. Women are very attracted to men with six packs. I wonder what they see in that but it is the same way a guy is attracted to a well endowed woman. We have our preferences which could be personal or generic. It is funny how the women folk love guys with six packs, so stay fit," he added.