A Pistol pointed at the Heart of Lagos

While many Nigerians feel that the battle for the soul of the country is over as the presidential evidently revealed, the people of Lagos may need to be more resilient a little longer. April 11th offers another litmus test to our resolve at upholding a progressive and sustainable democracy.

The story of Lagos is one similar to a neglected young promising boy who would accept nothing but the best to excel. To achieve this, he needed the support of well meaning friends and loved ones. Some of them even sold their valuables to make his dream a reality. While he fared through in pain and strive, his Big Uncle mocked him endlessly ; denying him his pride of place. Then luck shines on him as he weathered the storm to actualize this greatness.

Endowed now with energy and "military" skills, together with popular support and resources. He led a war against the impunity that hijacked the family commonwealth. He led, we fought, we won! The monsters we had chased away and rest we should now have. We had not yet savoured our family victory enough when a noise came from his inner room. We rushed to see for ourselves what the problem was, only to find some escaped demons, with one of them pointing a pistol at his heart.

"Give me the keys!", the gang-leader instructed as his left hand stretched forward to yank off the keys to the treasury. Having lost control of the family fortune, something else must service their vanities. How can they survive without booties and looting? Almost impossible!

The anguish of pain we all felt as their threat echoed. Will the impunity defeated find another way into our system again? If they succeed with this mission, we don't know what will become of us. They'll hurt us and that's for sure! But we have this option? We can invoke a A Deus ex machina! Or even signal backup. By the way, where are our snipers? Lagosians, your vote is the snipe. Let's take down these beasts!

Showunmi Rex [ @remirex ]

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