10 reasons why Lagos cannot afford to be in the opposition again.

Nigeria has just recorded a grand moment in her democratic process. With the unprecedented defeat of incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari in last Saturday's elections, Nigeria's democratic institution has become even stronger.

As Nigerians celebrate the birth of a new era, Lagosians look forward to feeling the impact of the federal government more than ever before now that for the first time in 16 years the state and Federal Government can be in alignment. To this end, the electorates must ensure they vote the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate Akinwunmi Ambode into office.

Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria and the state's contribution to the nations GDP cannot be over emphasised. Lagos has always been on the opposition since the inception of this democratic dispensation and albeit short-changed by the opposition party at the centre. This has led to various forms of neglect by the federal government. As Lagosians go out on the 11th of April to cast their votes, below are 10 reasons to consider and make sure Lagos doesn't go to the opposition once again.

Federal Government Owes Lagos
1. The Federal Government owes Lagos over N51 billion Naira. Imagine what that money will do if the state had access to such fund. Many of the state's infrastructural problems would have been addressed. Lagos state needs to be in sync with Federal Government to get this paid, and this is the opportunity to get it right once and for all for the good of Lagos and the greater good of the nation at large.

Lagos needs Federal Presence
2. The Federal Government have in the past halted federal projects and even went as far as obstructing state projects in Lagos state because Lagos has been an opposition. If the APC is returned to office, giving Lagos the opportunity to be on the side of the federal government for the first time, all abandoned Federal Government buildings and projects can be put to better use and completed. Lagos will be able to persuade the Federal Government to embark on urban renewal and build new towns in Lagos as was done in the time of Shehu Shagari.

Lagos deserves special status
3. Lagos state deserves a Special Status as Economic Capital of Nigeria. With the level of financial contribution to the nations GDP, being on the side of the Federal Government will make it easier to get that recognition.

Lagos contributes a lot to the nations GDP
4. 70% of Nationally collected VAT is from Lagos. Yet Lagos gets no preference from Federal Government when allocation is being shared.

Attention to pollution and the environment
5. With a population of over 20 million people, Lagos state hardly benefit from Ecological funds. Even though it needs it more than any other state due to pollution from the large population.

Power generation
6. The only reason why Lagos residents are not enjoying 24hrs power supply is because it has been in the opposition. Lagos has the capacity to build IPP for Lagosians and deliver 24hrs power in a matter of 2 years but the law that every electricity generated must be fed to the national grid has been a major obstacle.

PDP will destroy Lagos
7. Lagos state has been on a steady rise in its development and PDP will only reverse the trend of progress. We have seen what they can do at the Federal government level and Ekiti state.

Federal Projects
8. Federal Roads and Bridges in Lagos need rehabilitation and this can easily be achieved with Lagos on the side of the ruling party. For example, the quagmire at Apapa and the International Airport Road can finally be sorted out.

Over stretched social amenities
9. People from every ethnic group and different nationalities are represented in Lagos state which stretches the social facilities in the state. The presence of the federal government in Lagos will go a long way to curb this trend.

Nigeria's prosperity depends on Lagos
10. Prosperity of Nigeria is tied to the prosperity of Lagos. This is Common sense politics. Vote APC. Vote Akinwunmi Ambode to keep Lagos working and for accelerated growth and progress. This is our chance to get what we really deserve.

Lagos can see the promised land and should not consider going back to Egypt.

APC in Lagos will complement the CHANGE Revolution.

Onyeka 'Kerous' Ibeanusi is a Musician, writer and social commentators

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