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Gov T.A. Orji And The ‘Afghanistanism’ Of Two Analysts

By Madubuko Hart
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One of the writers signed as Kalu Okereke in an article titled, "Otti: The future Abia wants", published in the Vanguard Newspapers edition of March 29 2015; while the other article titled, "ABIA paradox (1)", published in the Daily Sun, was simply filed under 'Our Reporters'.

The first writer posited the malicious character that runs in Dr. Alex Otti, the phony governorship candidate of APGA, who has chosen one of his jingles as “Abia bu ndi mbu, ha abughi ndi ikpeazu” of which the writer translated it thus: “Abia is number One and cannot come last'. The song is theatrically, an elevation of the state and a caricature of the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with the name `Ikpeazu”.

Can you see the behavior of the man called Otti who has been deafening our ears that he wants to rule our dear state of Abia?

The true meaning of 'Ikpeazu' as is the surname of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu (PhD) is that 'opaque judgment is not good'. The name also has other meaning which otherwise warns people like Otti to desist from 'wrong judgment'. However, the same Otti who had been launching a campaign of calumny against the government of Chief Theodore Orji, saying that his government and agents were after him, was in Ibeku village for his campaign in what the writer said, “Then the sound of sirens and heavy police presence followed by a long convoy of cars heralded the arrival of Dr. Alex Otti for the campaign rally scheduled for Afaraukwu, Ibeku Village.”

We should know that Ibeku is the hometown of the governor. And if he was hostile as Otti had always championed people to believe he was, Otti would not have been in Ibeku to campaign. The truth is that Governor Orji and his agents are peaceful and do not represent the balderdash that Otti's bootlickers have been writing about. The political consciousness that we are experiencing in Abia State did not originate from Otti; it was the governor who initiated that during the period he said that he had pulled out from those he allegedly said were holding him down.

And the writer was not economic with the truth when he wrote: “It is imperative when it is realized that incumbent Gov. T.A. Orji had enjoyed tremendous goodwill and support from the period preceding the 2011 elections. Such goodwill had followed his rapprochement with his adversaries who were in the PDP which culminated in his leading his own faction of PPA into the party.

“Such rapprochement and support was rewarded with 100% electoral victory for the PDP. His own victory at the governorship election was achieved mainly because of his confession which he made to the effect that he could not perform in his first term 2007 – 2011…”

The truth is that our people have enjoyed finely tuned expectations from the governor. It was not true that as Governor Orji's second tenure draws to a close in a few weeks time, Abia State has been rated last in all indices of development with a deepening poverty and unemployment rate. It is not true. Such comment that the state has been rated last in the country is an odious view of the opposition political parties in the state. The World Bank recently ranked Abia number four in terms of infrastructural development out of the 36 states in the country. Who is lying, Otti or World Bank? Otti is a pathological liar which is his trade in stock.

Governor Orji's government will never be characterized be one that was characterized by a great deal of arbitrariness, sleaze, inefficiency, cronyism, nepotism, abuse of office and outright and mindless looting of the state treasury. No. His government is transparent according to the fact that he has fulfilled all his electioneering campaign promises! There is no negative character trait of the governance of Governor Orji.

The second writer wanted the world to believe, like the first writer, that the government of Governor Orji is a semblance of what he called “Afghanistanism”. But the writer was economical with the truth by not saying that since the governor took the bull by the horns that Abia State is one of the most peaceful states in the country. For example, in this period of electioneering, the state has not recorded any election violence, except it is caused by opposition politicians.

Governor Theodore Orji is one exceptional leader who is always thinking three steps ahead: Working to master his Abia State with the goal of avoiding problems before they arise. He is one leader who has mastered himself in unexpected or uncomfortable situations caused by opposition. The governor is an effective leader who has adapted to new surroundings and situations, doing his best to adjust. He is a leader that listens a lot, positively, willing to work to understand the needs and desires of others. Governor Orji as a good leader asks many questions, considers all options, and leads in the right direction. So, it is myopically of some so-called analysts to position him in the light that the analysts above did.

Hart writes from Lagos

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Madubuko Hart and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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